Worlds 2018 semifinals — new record without the Koreans teams

Worlds 2018 semifinals — new record without the Koreans teams

Ongoing Worlds 2018 is the most important esports event, a place of miracles and new achievements. We haven't seen an european team in World’s grand finals for years, while we were watching teams from South Korea participating in every single grand final for six years in a row — but this year is surprisingly different! All these unpredictable novelties inspire millions fans from around the world and motivate them to watch matches online.

The first semifinals was held on October 27, it was a battle between the European G2 Esports and the Chinese IG. The team from the Celestial Empire literally demolished their opponents as the Chinese won three maps in less than 30 minutes each. IG pleased all Chinese viewers and set the new record of the maximum number of viewers in the esports history — 149.058.405 viewers at the peak. The peak was marked at the 3rd game,  so we can only imagine how bigger could the amount of viewers be if G2 esports could’ve made it to game 5. On top of that, Game 3 was finished at 6:30 p.m. in China, which made it unable to watch for many working people.

The other semifinals was held on October 28. Historical battle between North America and Europe led to a big viewers activity in those regions. This semifinal appeared to be the most popular in history among non-Chinese fans, it gathered 1.555.860 people at the peak. Last year, semifinals between Korean team SK Telecom T1 and Chinese team Royal Never Give Up gathered 1.528.218 non-Chinese viewers at the peak. Unfortunately, it looks like the growth is not that impressive, the amount of viewers increased for less then 0,2%.

But at least we know the reason. The semifinals attracted a lot of viewers around North America and Europe, but the amount of Korean and Vietnamese viewers significantly decreased. Koreans have lost all interest after all Korean teams were eliminated, so series were watched by 82.145 viewers from Korea at the peak. For example, the same stage of the Worlds 2017 was watched by 219.960 viewers from Korea at the peak. Felt like the Vietnamese also had less fun watching western teams: 265.381 spectators at the peak last year against 187.436 this year.

The number of English-speaking viewers increased, but not that much as it was expected. Last year’s semifinals between SK Telecom T1 and Royal Never Give Up totaled 662.354 viewers at the peak while this year’s match between two Western teams was watched by a maximum of 794.143 viewers. We can assume the fall of English-speaking viewers’ amount is related to the rise of other disciplines, Fortnite for example.

Anyways, The Worlds 2018 Grand Finals promises to be a meaningful and important event. A strong European team will face an equally powerful team from China. The battle of titans is definitely going to be an entertaining show, and it’s safe to say the record of Worlds Grand Finals viewers maximum amount will soon be renewed.

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