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Worlds 2019: Group stage begins from a record

Worlds 2019: Group stage begins from a record

This year's League of Legends World Championship continues to please us with its performance. At first, the preliminary stage has managed to stand out – and now joining it is the group stage. Although this is not even a playoff stage, the tournament already looks like it is one step away from setting a new record.

The first match of this stage of competition has immediately shown something incredible, gathering two million peak viewers. However, already on the second day the record was updated and amounted to 2,044,549 viewers. As of today, this is the best result among all the Worlds matches, excluding the 2018 final.

This phenomenon was made possible thanks to the representatives of the Korean League – T1. This is partly demonstrated by the difference displayed by the Korean broadcast. One season later, its peak viewers indicator grew from 222 thousand viewers to 604 thousand viewers. The stream's peak viewers growth is therefore equal to 172%. A similar picture can be seen when comparing the average viewers. This indicator grew by 161%.

Let us remind that the team of Lee San Hyuk has missed the previous World Championship. After such a season-wide break, the return of the legendary Faker and the battle for the fourth title are of great interest.

This can be clearly seen when comparing the moments when the indicators were received. The first day's record reached its mark during the match between FNC and SKT. The second day exceeded two million mark during the battle of RNG and SKT. This allows to safely pinpoint the team led by kkOma as the “main culprit” of such state of affairs.

Additionally, we have one of the strongest groups in the history of the championship. We are talking about a quartet of SK Telecom T1, Fnatic, Royal Never Give Up and Clutch Gaming. The first three teams have tags with a long history. The battle between them for two spots in the playoffs is an excellent chance for setting a new record.

Judging by these results, the incredible performance at the playoff stage can be safely expected. The figures will rise especially high in case the central figure of both Korean and worldwide LoL, SK Telecom T1, will manage to pave its way in.

Representatives of the European scene will also help the game to achieve a new record. After the victory of G2 Esports at the Mid-Season Invitational 2019, it was the first time their roster began to be called the main contender for the Summoners Cup. This means that the entire Western audience will be thrilled about their path in the championship.

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