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LoL Worlds: Who is watching the official Play-In broadcast?

LoL Worlds: Who is watching the official Play-In broadcast?

We are continuing to analyze the results of LoL Worlds 2020. This time we have deeply dived into the Twitch viewership on all of the official /RiotGames channels during the Play-in stage.

Even though in this article we are only going to talk about the preliminary stage, we will still cover all other stages of the championship in later articles. If you don't want to miss out on those - don't forget to follow us on social media.

As part of our research we've found every unique viewer on /RiotGames channel during the preliminary stage. We've also divided them into different language groups. Our main source of data comes from an algorithm, which has been used to analyze the amount of content that has been consumed by viewers during the third quarter of 2020 on Twitch. The viewers have been divided into groups of their native languages based on the broadcast language and time zones at the time of the stream. Thus, viewers have been put in the category of their own native language.

First - overall results. Second day turned out to be the most saturated one with over 731,000 viewers on /RiotGames channel. Seven matches were played that day. On average, around 581,000 unique viewers were joining the broadcast on each day.

Overall, 1 million 626 thousand unique viewers have tuned in to the main channel in the preliminary stage. It is 48% higher than last year, when the peak number was 1 million 96 thousand viewers.

It’s worth noting that in the first days of the main event around 729,000 viewers have joined the broadcast, so overall no less than 2,4 million viewers were watching the Main Stage matches.

32,6% out of all viewers on /RiotGames channel were watching English-speaking broadcasts, we are talking, of course, only about the official English broadcasts of LoL Worlds 2020. A noticeable 11,7% of the channel viewers were watching the official Korean broadcast. It's worth reminding, that no Korean teams have participated in the preliminary stage. However, Korean fans are incredibly passionate about the game itself, so even without a home team to cheer for they have managed to "take" the second place in our list.

Overall, the most popular language groups apart from the English one turned out to be Korean (12,7%), Spanish (7,4%), French (6,9%), German (6.3%) and Portuguese(4,8%). The least amount of viewers were from Malaysia, India and Catalonia.

From July to October 2020, Viewers of the official Riot Games channel were most interested in LCS and LEC leagues. And this time, American League was more popular than the European one, indicating that the participation of Team Liquid (third best team in America) brought more viewers to the broadcast, than the participation of the fourth best European team - MAD Lions.

Audience of the Korean League, LCK, is significantly lower in comparison with the two channels mentioned above, 20% of the audience of /RiotGames channel to be precise. That's to be expected, of course, since there were no Korean teams in the Play-in stage.

If we were to consider non-esports channels, the most popular one is definitely loltyler1. Tyler is considered the most popular LoL streamer on Twitch, and rightfully so.

Although Faker, who is regarded by many as the GOAT of LoL, is not so far down the road. Even though he's not participating in LoL Worlds this time, Lee Sang-hyeok continues to amaze us.

We were very surprised to find out how popular Shroud is amongst the LoL audience. Even though Mike does not play LoL and has nothing to do with the game, League community on Twitch seems to enjoy watching his streams a lot, since 31,9% of /RiotGames viewers were watching the streams of the former esports Pro Player this summer.

Our research has concluded that there is a fair share of English-speaking fans amongst the Korean viewers, and there seems to be no particular reason for it. Maybe, Korean viewers are just more fond of a LoL content provided from the Western personalities.

We were also pleasantly surprised by the large diversity of viewers. Only third of the audience are English-speaking viewers. The rest of the viewers are from all over the world. That said, Worlds is being broadcasted in many different languages, but most of the time the vast majority of viewers still prefer to watch the official English stream.

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