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LoL Worlds 2020: The reactions of viewers during the finals

LoL Worlds 2020: The reactions of viewers during the finals

The LoL World Championship 2020 finals attracted nearly 3.9 million viewers, with up to 700 thousand peak viewers being present at the main Twitch English-language broadcast alone. But how did all these viewers react to the in-game situation in the chat of the broadcast? Let’s take a look.

The final match of LoL Worlds 2020 took a bit over 5 hours of airtime on the /RiotGames channel – a period during which the broadcast was attended by one and a half million unique viewers. Meanwhile, only 70 thousand of these viewers (4.3% of the total number) were actively using the chat.

Looking at the two participating teams, we can see that DAMWON Gaming received the most attention – with the number of various messages mentioning this team reaching 7.1% of the total messages in the chat. Meanwhile, Suning was mentioned only 3.8% of the time. Also, while the battle between the teams was rather interesting to behold, around 2.5% of the viewers’ messages contained “GG” or “gg”.

When comparing the brand results, Mastercard was the most popular of them all. The financial corporation was mentioned in 1% of the total messages. Coming second is RedBull with the respective indicator of 0.8%. The least mentioned brand was SecretLab - which was not even once mentioned by the viewers during the whole broadcast. It should be noted that by mentioning the brands we mean simple copy-pasted messages such as “TY Mastercard”, which are typically not followed by any reactions or discussions.

According to the chat, the very beginning as well as the very end of the finals were the most emotionally-charged moments. The organizers held an opening ceremony right before the start of the match, ensuing in a large number of positive messages. Meanwhile, the end of the match is known to almost always manifest the peak of the audience’s passion.

Only 0.5% of the total number of messages consisted of negative emojis, which suggests that the broadcast’s chat was overall overwhelmingly positive. The most “negative” moments came merely in the form of playful taunts sent by fans of various teams towards their opponents.

The official Riot Games channel uses the BetterTV and FFZ extensions, which greatly expand the use of a large number of emojis, which in turn can lead to more active viewers in the chat during the broadcast.

The most popular emoji used was "catJAM", which was used 112 thousand times in 3 thousand messages. The second most used emoji was “KEKW” with 54 thousand uses in 9 thousand messages.

Among all emojis from unique messages, KEKW was used the most, found in 4% of cases. The second most popular was “LUL” with a 2.3% share.

The analysis of languages gives some surprising results. The chat featured messages in many languages, but the most popular were English (53.7%), Czech (7.4%), Korean (6.1%) and Chinese (5.2%). It is important to note that the popularity of Czech is based mostly on copy-pasted messages, while actual communication between viewers using this language only happened in rare cases.

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