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Esports Charts - Ukrainian IT company that develops world-known esports services.

We collect viewership statistics of all live broadcasts worldwide and create unique analytics.

A few facts:

  • We provide data to teams, tournament operators and game publishers all over the planet
  • We deal with tables up to 50 billion rows, filling them with data from 29 platforms
  • Most detailed statistics about streaming, that you can find in web, appear in our office

Every day in our blog, we publish one or two articles concerning different esports and streaming disciplines and events  - from small tournaments to major leagues, from minor changes in team rosters up to world market global trends.

We are looking for an experienced Editor to complement the texts of our blog and social networks with his/her author's vision, to make our articles deeper and even more entertaining.

You're relevant if:

  • You write about esports/streaming for more than a year
  • Able to deal with big data volumes
  • Know how to make interesting text from any boring number

Even better if:

  • You have proven record of english-first publishing
  • Worked with big medias before (CIS or abroad)
  • You follow not only Dota and CS news

What's ahead:

  • Analysis of events and esports newsfeed
  • Regular production of infotainment content - mostly articles for our blog
  • Collaboration with our analysis, design and content team

Each resume is reviewed by HR and CEO. If you have relevant experience, HR will contact you for a zoom interview, where we will fill in the gaps and discuss previous work experience - how and where have you worked.
Based on the results of this stage, we issue test tasks to the best candidates. If the level of test execution suits us, we give an offer, if not, we definitely give feedback.

Looking forward to receive your resume with article examples!

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