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Junior PHP Developer

Remote, CIS

Esports Charts - Ukrainian IT company that develops world-known esports services.

We collect viewership statistics of all live broadcasts worldwide and create unique analytics.

A few facts:

  • We provide data to teams, tournament operators and game publishers all over the planet
  • We deal with tables up to 50 billion rows, filling them with data from 29 platforms
  • Most detailed statistics about streaming, that you can find in web, appear in our officeF

We are looking for a Junior PHP developer to join the existing team and help us to support and improve the functionality of resources, make them faster and smarter.

By now, the project consists of numerous services and the main database core. More than a year ago, we successfully transferred the analytical base to Clickhouse and enlarged the amount of information stored by more  than 20 times. Along with databases growth, an important task is to maintain a high-speed data acquisition for the end user. In our services we use PHP, Node.js, sometimes AWS Lambda and Python, while the main web applications are made in PHP. About two months ago, we began to develop a new version of the API based on Laravel 6.0. Moreover, we want to turn the entire existing front-end into SPA model.

Our stack:

  • Back-end: PHP, Laravel 5.1-6.0, some Node.js
  • Front-end: vue.js, nuxt
  • DB: MySQL, Redis, Clickhouse

You're relevant if:

  • You code in PHP for over a year
  • Have (or getting) a university degree in one of the areas: IT, mathematics, physics. Moreover, academic achiements are highly appreciated
  • Ready to work hard and gain skills
  • You're a great teamplayer

Will be a plus:

  • You already have an experience with Laravel or familiar frameworks
  • Good SQL skill – know to work with complex nested queries with strange sorting and filtering
  • You work with Laravel for over a year or don't mind switching into it
  • Familiar in setting queues
  • Know what Docker and Nginx are about
  • You know Na'Vi and Astralis, you believe in KBU winning The International

Tasks for the near future:

  • Further development of a new API for streamer analytics service. There will be many access levels, payment systems, paid user subscriptions, different  database selections and fast result-outputs
  • Parsing system monitoring, processing multibillion tables and optimizing queries for them
  • Adding new features into our resources' public versions along with designers and front-end devs

The way we hire:

Each CV is checked by Tech Lead and HR. In case you have relevant experience, HR will contact you for a zoom interview, on which we fill the gaps and discuss your previous experience - how and what you worked with.
According to the results of this stage, we invite candidates into our office to pass tech-interview with our CTO. When we understand that you're going our way - we make an offer, if something goes wrong -  we give precise feedback.

If you match our requirements, we are always happy to get your CV!

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