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Check the number of live viewers and chat activity of Twitch channel. This service helps to detect if streamer is using bots to increase his viewers' count (analog/alternative to Checkbots)

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Channel name Check date Total viewers Total chatters
Channel name d3rain Check date 17.06.2019 17:44 Total viewers 117 Total chatters 71
Channel name ALOHADANCETV Check date 17.06.2019 05:51 Total viewers 4 804 Total chatters 4 173
Channel name erastho Check date 17.06.2019 03:16 Total viewers 312 Total chatters 335
Channel name btssmash Check date 17.06.2019 03:04 Total viewers 61 616 Total chatters 44 387
Channel name xIceTeaaa Check date 16.06.2019 21:57 Total viewers 3 Total chatters 8
Channel name Nixjke Check date 16.06.2019 20:16 Total viewers 3 977 Total chatters 3 438
Channel name YesItsHappy Check date 16.06.2019 13:42 Total viewers 0 Total chatters 26
Channel name busya18plus Check date 16.06.2019 09:46 Total viewers 339 Total chatters 281
Channel name moscow_cyber_cup Check date 15.06.2019 13:18 Total viewers 56 Total chatters 42
Channel name DeamonLAL Check date 14.06.2019 11:19 Total viewers 0 Total chatters 4

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