Among Us: Revival on Twitch

Among Us: Revival on Twitch

The popularity on Twitch is an unpredictable thing. Some games pass into oblivion only a week after the launch, and some can revive after a couple of years of their existence, like Sea of Thieves.

The Among Us game, which was created in 2018, has repeated the same scenario. Today we'll find out how the game has blown Twitch away after two years of release.

Primarily, the game was launched on mobile devices, and after a short amount of time, it appeared on PC.

Among Us is a multiplayer for 4-10 people. You and your friends are a cosmic crew, but there's a predator among you, and he ruins your life.

Players perform tasks to maintain the state of the spaceship, and the traitor pretends to be a friendly teammate, but he/she arranges sabotages and kills the players.

On emergency meetings, the players discuss suspicious behavior and vote to eject the Impostor.

At first, the game did not attract much attention to itself, but the developers were confident in their project and, despite the small income, continued to improve the game, and in the end, it paid off. 

When the game appeared in Steam, the developers received a monthly income for two days.

Apart from updates, the game has gathered its audience thanks to streamers' attention and an abundance of funny moments on the broadcasts.

Now let's dive into statistics. The game began to gather views in the beginning of September. 231K Peak Viewers watched the category on September 1, and this amount has doubled on the next day.

The game experienced such growth because Spanish streamers like Ibai, Rubius, and Auronplay started to stream the game a lot in September. This had a direct impact on streamers' top.

At the moment, the most popular streamer is the English-speaking xQc, which as of September 18, reached 6,8M Hours Watched in this category, as he was on air for 122 hours. But if you look at the Peak Viewers, Spanish streamers are ahead. The highest peak of viewers of one streamer belongs to Auronplay - 161K.

The Viewers Peak of the whole category was reached on September 18 and concluded 583K simultaneous viewers. 185K viewers on average watched Among Us streams in September.

The Channels Peak appeared on September 13 - almost 10K streamers searched the predators among them. The game has collected 75M Hours Watched for a month and now is the top-2 category in September. It has overtaken the League of Legends, though Just Chatting remained the #1.

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