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Among Us vs. Fall Guys: Viewership rivalry

Among Us vs. Fall Guys: Viewership rivalry

Fall Guys or Among Us? These two titles have stayed on top of Twitch for several months, but it was unknown which game showed better results. So today, we'll set up a statistical fight to find out who's the real leader. 

Let's take a look at the first contestant from Mediatonic - Fall Guys. In summer, the game has reached the top-3 on Twitch. The discipline has its own esports tournaments, about which you can read in this article. And some of these events became regular - Twitch Rivals Fall Guys is held every Friday.

The second game tells us the story of betrayal among the space crew. The key feature is that Among Us was released two years ago and has achieved success due to constant updates and release on several gaming platforms.

So far, the game has seen only amateur competitions, but we still hope for Twitch Rivals Among Us.

We've compared Hours Watched of these two games on Twitch starting from August, i.e., from the Fall Guys launch. This game quickly gained popularity on the platform, and on August 28, it was watched by 708K viewers simultaneously. The Hours Watched peak was reached on August 6 - 6 million.

The first stats improvements of Among Us began in August, but active growth has started only since August 22. From that point, the game collected more than a million of Hours Watched every day.

The graph clearly shows how the popularity of Fall Guys diminished with the growth of Among Us. However, it was not proportional because every week, the organizers revived attention to the category with new tournaments.

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At the beginning of September, there was a turning point: Among Us overtook Fall Guys by Hours Watched. At first, the game gained popularity among Spanish streamers like Ibai, Auronplay and Rubius.

The whole platform got interested in the game because many popular streamers played together in private lobbies with voice chat in Discord, and it was fun to watch these broadcasts.

In September, Fall Guys managed to outrun Among Us by Hours Watched only once. It happened on September 4, during Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays #2. That day the category reached 3,4M Hours Watched, and Among Us had only 2,5M. But it was an exceptional case. The growth of Among Us continued, and on September 23, we saw the best result by Hours Watched - 6 million for one day.

Initial dominance of Spanish streamers can also be seen in terms of languages: 24,2% of channels that launched Among Us were Spanish-speaking. Half of the channels were English, but this is expected due to its widespread use on Twitch.

Fall Guys has approximately the same situation with the English language, but the number of Spanish-speaking streamers decreased by 10%. On the other hand, streamers of other languages were interested in Fall Guys more.

We've made the audience analysis for both games and noted that 46% of Among Us audience in September watched Fall Guys' broadcasts in August. This means that almost half of the Among Us viewers are not new. They came from the Fall Guys category because streamers wanted to try something new on their broadcasts.

The list of top-5 streamers proves again why the percent of audience intersection is so high. We see xQc and Ibai in both ranks. This means that the audience of at least these two streamers definitely watched both categories.

Both tops have Spanish language representatives, and in Among Us rank, there are 3 of them. This once again shows how much the community of this language loved the game.

The Viewers Peak of Among Us was reached on August 27 and concluded 745K, and the overall Hours Watched number of Among Us is 58% bigger compared to Fall Guys. There we should consider the fact that the game is on the market for two years. But more channels stream Fall Guys on average. 

Each game has found its own viewer. However, Among Us reached the top-3 categories of September on Twitch, and Fall Guys has lost eight positions. Next month we'll see if the game could save its position. 

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