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FACEIT: the results of 2018

FACEIT: the results of 2018

In the beginning of 2018, Valve has managed to surprise many a CS:GO fan with the announcement of the organizer of the second World Championship. Many of them were surprised that the one chosen was FACEIT, an organizer known to lack experience in organizing the large-scale events. Today we intend to make a summary of the achievements of this “newcomer” to the world of tournament operators, therefore demonstrating that the choice was justified.

For the last year, the company has organized a relatively small number of championships – including two seasons of Esports Championship Series, London Major and OMEN UK Open. Most of the tournament organizer's attention was concentrated on its creation, the ECS.

FACEIT is known not only by championships. Thanks to its special platform, new talents are constantly breaking into the world of competitive CS. Thanks to FPL phenomenon, many promising players have a chance to prove themselves and earn credibility among the pros. Pro League allows them to obtain the necessary ties to subsequently enter the world's top teams. As an example, this was the way Robin “ropz” Kohl got his place in mousesports.

Of course, the most popular British project of 2018 was the London championship. The world's main CS event for the year's second half has managed to gather an impressive audience. On average, the major was watched by nearly 400 thousand viewers, with the broadcasts peaking at the one million viewers.

In case you've missed some of our blog's content, we will remind that we have compared this event to its competitors relatively recently, something that you can read by visiting the following link. Looking ahead, we should note that among the three representatives of this class of events, FACEIT Major has managed to show the best results.

As we move away from the Valve's tournament, let’s talk about the achievements of the two Esports Championship Series' seasons. The trends shown by these were largely positive. On average, the fifth ECS has managed to attract 9 thousand viewers, a figure that was raised to 11 thousand viewers for the next championship.

The finals of these two competitions give us much hope. Talking about the average figures, the broadcasts of the fifth series have gathered almost 49 thousand viewers – whereas 61 thousand viewers have followed the sixth season's matches. Meanwhile, the peak figures reached 107 thousand and 271 thousand, respectively.

Exclusivity of YouTube broadcasting rights could serve as a partial explanation for this turn of events. After all, the failure of ESL's broadcasting deal with Facebook is well-known, and this does sound very similar to the situation at hand. However, the platform's overall higher technical quality allowed for a much smaller number of the lost views.

We can conclude that such results indicate that the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community is showing more and more interest in the company's events, partly due to the trust in Valve and the well-conducted major. All in all, the tournament operator has earned itself a good reputation, one that would benefit it for years to come.

As for the FACEIT, the seventh season of ECS is waiting right ahead, along with a number major leagues for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and many other interesting events. We will continue to share the collected information with you, and to avoid missing it, you may subscribe to our social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Discord.

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