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Results of the first Flashpoint and a new partner for Esports Charts

Results of the first Flashpoint and a new partner for Esports Charts

Within a few months, COVID-19 has changed the entire world. Almost every country has gone into full lockdown, and people have been forced to adjust to a new reality. Of course, COVID-19 has also heavily affected the esports scene. 

Almost every LAN-tournament was either rescheduled or completely canceled. Some of the tournaments were held online and went quite smoothly. Overall, the number of viewers in esports has increased significantly.

One of the finest examples of the new "COVID-19 reality" in the esports scene was the first Flashpoint tournament. A lot of popular esports teams got together to form B Site, Inc. and they've launched Flashpoint, a new project for all CS:GO fans.

"Esports Charts is pleased to join the initiative of our market colleagues and to contribute to the progress of Flashpoint with our expertise and, of course, analytical data," says Artyom Odintsov, CEO of Esports Charts. "Endeavors such as Flashpoint are always commendable and are an example that should be emulated".

Such hype around the tournament has mainly emerged because of the diversity of competitors. Representatives of Europe, Asia, North and South America have participated in the tournament, and games were broadcasted in Portuguese, English, Swedish, Russian and other languages. According to the peak viewers count Brazilians were the biggest part of the audience. 

The reason for such success of the Portuguese broadcast was the team MIBR. The Brazilian superstars managed to attract 282K viewers in one of their matches, and on average up to 92K concurrent viewers were watching their games. Their next closest competitor, MAD Lions, had drawn 57K viewers on average.

Regarding the most popular matches no team even comes close to the Brazilian all-star squad. MIBR has participated in four out of the five most popular matches of the tournament. As expected, the final match of the Flashpoint Season 1, MIBR versus MAD Lions, has attracted the biggest amount of viewers.

Esports Charts plans to provide all league participants with up-to-date statistics and data, which will allow a detailed analysis of the popularity and success of Flashpoint itself, and every team individually.

“It’s fantastic to have Esports Charts on board to provide best-in-class viewership analytics to both our teams and our sponsorship partners,” says Dan Fiden, President of Cloud9, B Site co-founder. “The tools and data they provide are crucial to fine-tuning our operations to continually improve our content for fans.”

B Site Inc. is the first esports media company founded and run by team organizations including Cloud9, MAD Lions, FunPlus Phoenix, MIBR, Dignitas, c0ntact Gaming, Team Envy, Gen.G and OverActive Media and in partnership with FACEIT. Its mission is to create sustainability and prosperity for both players and teams while delivering differentiated content and storytelling to fans around the world. 

B Site is structured to provide the highest revenue share potential to the teams of any major esports organizer. It champions an open circuit for developing new talent and an infrastructure for ensuring competitive integrity.

The company operates Flashpoint, a professional tournament series in CS:GO for game enthusiasts, and also produces original content with programs like The Blind Spot and Flashpoint Q&A.