Gamescom 2020: Viewership stats

Gamescom 2020: Viewership stats

German Gamescom trade fair couldn't have a full house of people this year in Cologne because of Coronavirus, so it was held online for the first time. Today we'll see if it was a success and compare the results with other presentations.

The event took place from August 27 to 29, and all these 3 days, the developers delighted us with an incredible amount of info about future projects.

The first day was marked with the new part of the Ratchet & Clank series. The devs announced that there would be no loading screens when you move to another location. The release date is not known yet.

Proletariat studio will launch its new Spellbreak battle royale on September 3. The key feature of the game is its fantasy setting, and magic will be the main weapon.

Finally, BioWare has shared some info about the new part of Dragon Age. They've shown the trailer with concept arts and early drafts of the gaming process, though there was nothing about the plot.

The announcement of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War has led to the new Twitch record. Many streamers decided to review it live. That's why the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare category has collected 947K Peak Viewers, and the number of Peak Channels that streamed the game was 32K.

The publishers also announced such projects as Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 1, the last one will be an independent addon, which means you can play it without the main game.

Gamescom 2020 is leading among recent gaming showcases - 11M of Hours Watched because the event was held for 3 days. But this gaming exhibition couldn't overtake the Xbox Games Showcase; It lacked 200K viewers.

The Viewers Peak appeared in the first half of the opening day and concluded 1,6M spectators. English became the most popular language - 45% of the total Hours Watched number. German is in second place - 17,6% because Gamescom's official broadcast was held in this language and it gathered 140K Peak Viewers.

Thegameawards broadcast on YouTube became the most popular and collected 167K viewers at the peak. Asmongold is leading among independent streamers. 111K viewers watched his broadcast at the peak.

Spanish-speaking viewers contributed 13% in total Hours Watched number thanks to streams of Ibai and Alexelcapo. Portuguese-speaking fans preferred Alanzoka and contributed 6% to the total Hours Watched number.

Cyberpunk 2077 has also won almost all substantial nominations on Gamescom awards, including "The best game for Playstation and PC."

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