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The most popular tournaments of May 2020

The most popular tournaments of May 2020

Esports continues to adapt to the coronavirus-stricken world. One of the newcomers to this state of affairs was the new Mid-Season Cup tournament. It became the most popular event of the month, overtaking the finals of large tournaments along the way.

Mid-Season Cup holds the first spot for achieving a result of 591K peak viewers at a T1 versus Top Esports match. As of today, these teams are the best in their respective regions. Faker and the company tend to attract the viewer interest each single time, setting new records at every international tournament.

Mobile esports has distinguished itself by taking the second and third spots. In May, the second place went to Arena of Glory Spring. The Vietnam-based tournament has attracted 468K viewers in the final match. It should be noted that such mark was achieved by the efforts of a single country, while many other tournaments manage to obtain similar results only thanks to the large number of broadcasts covering a wide variety of regions and audiences.

PUBG Mobile Pro League Spring SEA was the other mobile gaming representative. The first day of the main Southeast Asian tournament has featured two of its most popular matches. Usually, the viewers tend to pay more attention to the tournament's final days, when the intensity of everyone's feelings is at its highest.

China's LoL tournament was extremely successful and attracted 331K peak viewers. Recently we've examined the LPL results in detail when compared to the previous seasons. You can read this article on this page.

The American tournament ESL One Road to Rio closed the top-5. But this topic is interested from another standpoint as well: usually, American matches are less popular than any of the European ones. However, this wasn't true for May.

As for the English-speaking audience, CoD: Warzone tournaments were their main interest in May. The battle royale mode has occupied three spots of this ranking at once. Overall, the whole top displays a rather even level of performance, given that the difference between the first and fifth spots reaches merely 50K viewers.

The ample presence of Call of Duty in the top happened due to the list of participants. In the Warzone Wednesdays championships, the popular streamers (such as Ninja, Dr Disrespect and Nadeshot) have fought for the title of the best. This has caused the tournament to be flooded with all of their enormous fan base.

The Chinese League should be mentioned separately. The English-language broadcast of LPL Spring brought the championship 227K peak viewers. This is an extremely positive result given the schedule that wasn't very convenient for the viewers from North America and some parts of Europe.

As for the virtual Formula 1 racing, the May result was lower than in April. The Spanish Grand Prix has reached the mark of 218K peak viewers – which is almost two times less than was achieved a month earlier.

The Russian-speaking viewers continue to closely monitor the Valve's games, and in May they were in for a real treat of an event. The legendary 1.6 roster of Natus Vincere has once again united for a showmatch against the streamers team. At one point, the broadcast has reached almost 190K viewers.

Overall, the CIS ranking demonstrates that this audience prefers CS:GO. ESL One Road to Rio CIS collected 99K Peak viewers and the most popular match - vs NAVI. Meanwhile, the Dota 2 battle of VP versus Liquid has gathered a couple of thousand viewers less.

The most popular esports channel of the month is in the face of /fastcup_net due to its broadcast of NAVI show match. The second spot goes to gAuLeS for streaming the match of MiBR versus Furia; he also became the most popular streamer of the month. Overall, only one of the five channels in the top was not related to CS:GO. That would be the English-language channel LPL Spring with a result of 144K viewers.

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