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Twitch Analysis for June 2019

Twitch Analysis for June 2019

June has started off with a real contention among the games of the auto-battler genre. Many well-known companies have released their own versions of the popular Auto Chess mod. We will tell you about this and more in our today's article.

The top of the ranking of platform's categories remains unchanged. Fortnite keeps the first spot. Following the "battle royale" is the League of Legends – the popular strategy seems to have its finest hour with the start of many regional leagues (and the Rift Rivals series) across Europe and America.

Finally, we got to see some changes regarding the position of GTA V. Apparently the game starts losing its relevance due to the repetitive, uniform nature of its gameplay. While the RolePlay mode gave the category a second wind, no wind lasts forever. As such, we can only wait and see when it will disappear from the top.

For a newcomer to the ranking, TeamFight Tactics has shown some excellent performance. The new mod from Riot Games has managed to reach the 9th spot over the extremely short time window of own existence. At one moment, this category was watched by more viewers than the Riot's main game. Indeed, the power of “chess” is full of surprises.

If you hold a great deal of interest in the situation regarding the genre and competitors of TFT, then keep in mind that recently we compared the first-day achievements of this mod to those of a new game from Valve - Dota Underlords. The respective article is available on this page.

The Special Events section of Twitch is praiseworthy for rising to the 32nd spot in the overall ranking. This was enabled by many E3 presentations which have attracted a large enough number of viewers for the category to rise this much in the overall standings. We have already summed up the results of the exhibition. They are available on this page.

Among the top 20, the most unsatisfactory result belongs to FIFA. In June, the soccer simulator has dropped in the ranking by 7 spots. For all its low interest towards the discipline, EA should be alerted by such a sudden drop.

Blizzard has managed to show a surprisingly good performance, with three of its games remaining in the top 20 of our ranking. Among these, Hearthstone shows the worst result and World of Warcraft shows the best one. This was facilitated by a large amount of the content provided – from PvP matches to races for passing PvE locations.

We can't avoid mentioning Path of Exile. The popular "Diablo clone" again got a new league called "Legion" – which introduced additional content to the game, helping to return the interest of the audience. All of this has helped the category to rising by 32 spots in our ranking.

Overall, it can be noted that in June, the viewers have obtained many new possibilities with the new auto-battler genre games from Valve and Riot. Additionally, the month was full of both the esports events and ordinary events like E3.

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