Twitch Analysis for March 2019

Twitch Analysis for March 2019

It is certainly interesting how the new Twitch trends were put to a test during March. The platform saw a simultaneous emergence of several items worthy of comparison. The most popular among these would be the League of Legends streamers competition, the major insurgence of bloggers into the “Role Play” mode of GTA V, as well as the first results shown by the newcomer known as Apex Legends. We are ready to present the analysis for the March.

The MOBA from Riot Games has managed to rise to the top. The platform's bombardment by the playoff stages of numerous leagues worldwide has left no chance to the rest of categories. As of March, we can see the game enthroned at the first spot, and rightfully so – but for how long will it manage to keep it?

Following it is the Fortnite battle royale. During March, it has managed to somewhat recover after all the winter failures, climbing one spot higher than before. Such an achievement was hardly sufficient to grab the ranking's gold medal, however – and the creation of Epic Games has to be content with the second spot of the list, which must feel great nevertheless.

Closing the top 3 is GTA V, which has made a sudden leap worth 8 spots in the ranking, all of it due to one interesting factor: the game's Role Play server. Many of the popular streamers have decided to create their very own "alter egos", making the viewers ecstatic. All in all, Grand Theft Auto 5 is the one to take the ranking's bronze medal.

As for the results, the show that the Path of Exile has the biggest potential to become an eventual winner. The "Synthesis" update content made the fans of the game active once more, causing the latter's return into the top 20 most popular categories. This is not the first time PoE manages to pull such a trick – in fact the upsurge of popularity happens with every season of this project. The audience continues to like it, causing the creation of Grinding Gear to land at 15th spot after making a 28-positions-worth leap in the rankings.

The cases of Rainbow Six Siege and World of Warcraft were the most disappointing. While the situation of Blizzard's MMORPG is somewhat understandable, such a turn of events for R6 caught us by surprise. In the absence of a large esports event, this shooter seems to hit the rock bottom. If this trend is to continue, Ubisoft should better take some drastic actions.

The newcomer of the month would be Sekiro, which was able to reach the eighth spot of the ranking. A special note goes to the computer version of the popular board card game called Magic: The Gathering. The recent championship for this game allowed it to return into the top 20 most popular categories.

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