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24H Challenge: Underlords vs TFT

24H Challenge: Underlords vs TFT

Today we like to announce a new category, one with a comparison of the first 24 hours of the popular games. Within it, two newcomers to the video game industry will be compared - Dota Underlords and TeamFight Tactics.

The current situation generally reminds us of hype around the MOBA genre few years ago. At the dawn of these games, we've received a number of new strategies, yet only few managed to survive until now. The same fate awaits all the Auto Chess clones currently created by many of well-known companies. However, in this particular article we will only compare the creations of Riot and Valve.

First we need to tell why the Dota 2 mod and the Drodo Studios' own version were not included into the list. This was because the former got a separate game from the Seattle guys, while the latter still lacks a client for personal computers, being only available on mobile devices.

Overall, when comparing the achievements of these two games, the winner can be clearly seen. TeamFight Tactics got the biggest number of viewers, something that many popular western streamers had a hand in. Additionally, a number of popular Dota 2 channels also decided to familiarize themselves with a competitor-made Auto Chess counterpart. Unfortunately, this did not work in the opposite direction.

The peak figure of the TFT category within the first 24 hours since its creation was equal to 212 thousand viewers. With this result, the "chess" managed to overtake the full version of League of Legends, becoming the most popular Twitch channel at the time. At the same time, Dota Underlords has only managed to peak at 61 thousand viewers on its debut day.

What about the channels? The mod from the Riot Games reached the simultaneous broadcasts peak figure of 1,142 pages. The same figure in case of Underlords has stopped at merely 223 pages. It seems that Valve's starting positions in this race were not too good.

The minimal figures of these categories are also worth noting. Dota Underlords did not fall below the figure of 9,892 viewers, whereas for TeamFight Tactics this figure would be equal to 17 thousand viewers. Once again, we are witnessing the advantage of the Riot Games' creation.

Let us remind you that these strategies also have different ways of obtaining access. Valve requires you to purchase a combat pass inside Dota 2 to download the game. At the same time, the developers will present additional keys for the friends of the compendium holder.

Riot uses a slightly different system. Since the modification is at the stage of PBE testing, it requires a special account – that can be obtained only by spending your time in the League of Legends and reaching Honor level 3. But even if you get one, there will be still some problems to solve. Passing the very queue for the test region took about 2-3 real time hours at the moment of writing this article. Clearly not the most attractive way to spend your pastime.

In conclusion, it can be said that the new creation of Riot Games has started advancing through the Twitch ranks in a way that looks nothing less than perfect. The game has achieved significant results on its first day and now it needs to avoid losing the momentum. The same cannot be said about Dota Underlords. The new strategy from Valve did not achieve a particularly great degree of success, although many people really liked the “chess” from this company.

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