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Mafia II: Definitive Edition Twitch results

Mafia II: Definitive Edition Twitch results

In mid-May 2K Games announced Mafia: Trilogy with the remake of the first part and remaster for the second and third.

Today we will talk about the second part, which in its time, namely in 2010, received quite good reviews from critics and in the first weeks after the launch was the best-selling game in the UK. That’s why many players were happy about the definitive edition and were looking forward to any update of the game.

Credit: Willzyyy

Eventually, the expectations didn’t match the reality. Yes, the game received its texture update, but along with some bugs. 

Bad optimization, frame-rate limitation to 30 FPS, troubles with characters and their new face animation, and, most important, the issues with save progress led to mixed reviews and the disappointment of the fans of the series.

These factors actually influenced on the charts. The viewership peak was on the second day after the launch of the game, as everyone wanted to see the changes of the game before buying it. 

Compared with the day of launch, on the second day Hours Watched increased by 32%, and the number of streamers on Twitch in this category was 16,6K, and the peak viewers concluded 32K spectators.

Then the growth dynamics went down because of the fading interest of the players and on the 5th day the Hours Watched concluded 18K and the peak of the viewers was only 1,9K spectators.

By the end of the first week the fans returned to the broadcast, but the results weren’t the same as in the first days.

As for streamers, the most watched streamer was agraelus, the Hours Watched of his channel reached 110K hours for the week.

On the second place is avoidingthepuddle with 74K Hours Watched, cohhcarnage is leading by peak viewers. He streamed only for 2 hours and collected 17 thousand at the peak.

We have previously reviewed the results of Saints Row: The Third Remastered on Twitch and we can surely say that Mafia 2 performed better in terms of statistics, but the players did not really like the definitive edition itself.

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