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The concluding remarks on Apex Preseason Invitational

The concluding remarks on Apex Preseason Invitational

Coming to an end recently was the first Apex Legends international tournament, supported of Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. The representatives of Team SoloMid have won the competition. The championship brought the team 105 thousand dollars.

Today we’ll talk about the statistical successes of the first official competition for the game. In addition, the article will compare it with the last major championships of its main rivals: Fortnite and PUBG.

But first let's talk about the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational. The organizers did not come up with any large innovations in terms of the event's format. It still had a ranking system based on “frags” and occupied spots.

At the same time, there was one interesting idea regarding the “finale” of the event – which was held in the "king of the hill" style. Firstly, the participating team had to achieve a certain number of points. After that, each next match of the team acquired the “Match Point Eligible” status, by which it became necessary to win. The first team that met these conditions has earned the Preseason Invitational champion title.

The peak viewers result of the official broadcast has reached 106 thousand people. It was received during the second match of the final stage. The maps of which, by the way, were the ones that occupied the entire top of the ranking by the maximum indicator.

What about the average viewers? It reached the mark of 52 thousand people. It is extremely difficult to call this a worthy result. The problem especially stands out considering the main rivals of the battle royale from Respawn.

If we consider the standalone languages, then in addition to English one, standing out were the Russian and Japanese broadcasts. The Russian-speaking fans had a lot of reasons to follow the tournament: The participation of Natus Vincere, support of their country's players and much more.

But the result of Japanese fans is really surprising. Despite the not very comfortable schedule, they showed a decent amount of interest to the matches that featured their representatives. Moreover, Japanese language has become the second based on the the overall contribution to the results of the competition, with only English standing higher.

Before comparing to the other disciplines, we should first introduce the rivals of the championship first. The recent Nations Cup 2019 will be the representative of PUBG. At the same time, we chose a rather interesting event – Twitch Rivals Showdown – to represent Fortnite. Note that in case the World Cup has participated in this comparison, it would not leave Apex Legends the slightest chance.

As you can understand, the main event of the game is inferior to the secondary tournaments of its rivals. This happens both by average and peak viewer numbers. Moreover, the Fortnite contest was held with the support of the Twitch platform, and not with the developer’s own resources, as in the other two cases.

In general, the tournament left a lot of questions about its statistical success. The visibility of the championship did not show anything outstanding. The reason for this is a certain delay on the part of the publisher. What can be said, this is still better than before – when it didn't have ANY clue regarding the professional scene of the game. As a result, a significant number of players simply went to other projects.

Ahead of us is yet another major Apex Legends competition – TwitchCon Showdown. The best streamer players gather at the main Twitch event and fight among themselves for the title of best. We will surely tell you about the outcome of the event, so just follow our blog.

Interested in more detailed statistics of this and other championships? Write to our official mail “[email protected]” and we will definitely answer the request.

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