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AWC 2019: Group stage results

AWC 2019: Group stage results

While many are waiting for the final match of the Arena of Valor World Cup 2019, we will talk about the previous stage of the competition. It is worth noting that the results of the event are quite positive and inspire confidence in Asian mobile esports.

The entire tournament will be examined in detail in the nearest future. But since it is yet to finish, the Esports Charts will concentrate on its first half. Our statistics do not take the Chinese platforms into account, but Chinese viewers from trusted platforms are still counted.

First of all, it is worth noting the overall growth of the championship. Since 2018, the main tournament of the year has attained 231 thousand broadcast viewers on average. Meanwhile, the peak figure of the stream has exceeded that of the previous competition by 84 thousand viewers.

The English stream has managed to stand out due to the negative result shown. That's not to say its performance from the last time was good, but the current championship fell short of even those not-so-good results. Western fans have lost 3 thousand viewers on average and 1.6 thousand viewers at the peak.

However, it is also necessary to note the performance of three more audiences: Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. All three fanbases have produced a great portion of new viewers. Vietnam has managed to completely break all records, receiving an increase of 186 thousand viewers on average and 66 thousand viewers at the peak.

The list of this country's achievements is far from being over. For the second year in a row, its team is becoming the most popular one based on the average number of broadcast viewers. In 2018, the figure was equal to 93 thousand viewers, whereas in 2019 it has reached the mark of 199 thousand viewers. All in all, these news sound extremely good for Vietnamese fans.

As a result, this reinforces the idea that Asian gamers become increasingly more involved in mobile esports. This was previously observed in a variety of games, with Arena of Valor now joining the list. However, it seems that the age of auto-battlers is upon us, and these will further consolidate the success of mobile phones in the gaming industry.

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