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Awesome Games Done Quick sets a new record

Awesome Games Done Quick sets a new record

The guys from Games Done Quick saw the beginning of 2020 with the update of their personal records. Namely, Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 has updated the peak viewers indicator of the series. Today we will tell you about the things that have transpired at this event.

Earlier, we have already mentioned this series of marathons in our blogs. We are pleasantly surprised by the fact that further records have been achieved since then.

It should be stated that there's an established tradition for the winter event to raise money for the “Prevent Cancer Foundation”, while the summer marathon supports the "Doctors Without Borders" organization.

This is essentially the main goal of the series, since all the money gathered is then sent to the select few funds by the team of organizers. Awesome Games Done Quick cooperates with these organizations since as early as 2013. While additional events are sometimes held, the winter and summer marathons are the ones to stand out.

This year a total of 3 million 155 thousand dollars was raised by the speedrun community, which is record amount for the entire marathon series. This is also $116 thousand more when compared to the previous event.

The marathon's 263 thousand peak viewers, achieved during the speedrun of the Untitled Goose Game, exceeds the previously achieved peak mark by 4.7%. At that time the prize pool has reached 1 million 936 thousand dollars.

The average viewers indicator has reached 138 thousand – which was not enough for setting yet another Awesome Games Done Quick record. However, the difference between the known maximum average viewers indicator and the one from the 2020 event reaches only 0.8%.

The seven-day marathon's broadcasts have seen the speedruns of 134 games. The full list of speedruns can be found on a dedicated page. The user known as Kruulos has also compiled the list of the marathon's highlights in this topic. The official channel also features all the speedruns in the recorded format.

The winter Awesome Games Done Quick has featured a large number of speedruns. Its broadcasts have shown us a wide variety of members of the speedrunning community. Aside of the popular players one could also see the less known speedrunners. Some of the participants have brought a number of interesting clips and various funny moments that ended up as memes. All in all, every participant has played an important part in this event, making our world a better place through the power of video games.

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