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Battle of Dota Majors: The Group Stage

Battle of Dota Majors: The Group Stage

The group stage of the DreamLeague's eleventh season has recently ended. On such an occasion we've decided to compare the achievements of the first stage of this championship with its predecessor.

In case you haven't understood already, we are talking about The Chongqing Major. Until the recent time, it was the last Major-class event in the Dota Pro Circuit 2018\19. Now this role is occupied by the DreamHack's event.

We immediately note that the Chinese platforms and DotaTV did not take part in this comparison. Our version is a battle of broadcasts, which means that the better-made stream, along with the studio responsible for it, will be displaying the best result.

The schedule of the two championships had quite a strong influence on the results. Of course, it is more suitable to western viewers, given that the tournament is held in Europe. After all, some matches of the Chinese major were held early in the morning from the standpoint all the EU and CIS countries, which certainly didn't help the organizer to attract viewers.

First, let's talk about the results in general. They are largely in favor of DreamLeague Season 11. The respective growths of the average and peak amounts of broadcast viewers have amounted to 5% and 12.7%. Such a result likely comes as a big disappointment for the StarLadder guys.

When it comes to the more targeted statistics, this time everything's not that simple. Whereas the growth of the audience has occurred in the Russian, English, French and Vietnamese streams, the broadcasts in all the other languages have displayed the decrease in audience.

The biggest increase was shown by RuHub and its Russian-language stream – amounting to the average figure of 14 thousand viewers and the peak figure of 15 thousand viewers. Looks like this happened due to the more “famous” list of talented players and the newly improved technical component. Seems like the recent additions to the list of studio's partners of importance have worked to its benefit.

It is impossible to speak about the CIS and Dota 2 without mentioning how this part of the audience has contributed to the overall success. For example, the contribution of Russian-speaking gamers at DreamLeague amounted to the 39.8% of the total statistics. The event from SLTV and ImbaTV has a slightly lower respective indicator, equal to 31%.

The success of the English-speaking segment is likewise impossible to ignore. While being inferior to Russians in terms of the average figure growth, its peak figure growth reaches whopping 33 thousand viewers - which actually exceeds one-third of The Chongqing Major's respective figure.

What about the decreases? Out of all the streams, the one for Philippines has suffered the largest loss. Compared to The Chongqing Major, its average amount of viewers has decreased by nearly 3 thousand, while the peak amount has lost nearly 8 thousand viewers.

Only the Spanish and Portuguese broadcasts have managed to stand a middle ground of sorts. Their average viewer amounts having increased by 767 and 554 viewers respectively, all while their peak values suffering respective losses of 3405 and 1178 viewers each.

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