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Battle of the Majors: The Champions Stage

Battle of the Majors: The Champions Stage

The first Valve Major of 2019 just came to an end. All the interested parties could therefore discern the two important factors impacting the statistics: the unusual format of the event and the developer's new policy regarding the game's souvenir package drops. Now we intend to complete our “Battle of the Majors”, adding the final stage of the main competition of the first half of the year to our comparison.

As was expected by many, Astralis won their third World Championship winner title and established themselves as the real legends of CS history. This has attracted more public interest and contributed to the heat of the competition's final match – where the dark horse team known as ENCE was attempting to create a legend of its own.

Unlike the two previous stages, the situation has changed dramatically during the Champions Stage. This time the competition from ESL shows the better performance when compared to the FACEIT Major. At the same time, the lead is suddenly taken by the ELEAGUE Major.

The US event's situation does not repeat based on average figures comparison, but is clearly visible through the peak figures. The official IEM stream was usually watched by a little more than 605 thousand viewers. In UK this figure stood at 464 thousand viewers. ELEAGUE has managed to surprise everyone with its 592 thousand viewers, too.

Boston's event is distinguished by having its figures reach the maximum: the finals set between FaZe Clan and Cloud9 were simultaneously watched by 1 million 342 thousand viewers. In Katowice, a similar result was reached with 1 million 194 thousand viewers. London comes off as the worst among the three with its 1 million 84 thousand viewers.

When paying attention to the new records, the Portuguese broadcast is worth noting. During the MiBR vs Astralis match for breaking into finals, it has reached a new peak of 187,485 viewers. Last time the stream has managed to reach a maximum (of around 116 thousand viewers) it was at the FACEIT Major.

The Russian-speaking viewers managed to show a similar achievement. During the semifinal battle between Na’Vi and ENCE, their numbers have reached a maximum of 172 thousand. This is 35 thousand more than during the finals of the UK competition, which also took place with the participation of the “yellow-blacks”. In case the “born to win” have managed to enter the final match, the consequences would be unprecedented.

As the result of all the events, we are witnessing the FACEIT being pushed from the champion's throne – a spot that is now shared between ESL and ELEAGUE. Namely, the Polish championship reaches it through its average figures, and its American counterpart through the peak figures instead. The UK major has both surprised and disappointed us, given that CS fans have shown unusually small levels of enthusiasm when it came to watching its matches.

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