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Berlin Major: New Legends Stage

Berlin Major: New Legends Stage

CS:GO fans finally got to know the world's eight most powerful teams. Along with this, the second stage of the Berlin Major came to an end. We’ll talk about it today.

In case you missed it, know that we've already described the results of the New Challengers Stage. More details can be found on this page.

Overall, the New Legends Stage has repeated the situation of the previous stage. The competition lags (but only ever so slightly) behind the previous championship, which was held in Poland.

The peak viewers result of the Berlin event has hit the mark of 630 thousand people. Compared to IEM Katowice 2019, the result has decreased by 6 thousand people. In percentage terms, the drop was equal to 0.9%.

The average viewers reached 367 thousand. This indicator also showed a negative result. It made for a slightly bigger difference of 18 thousand viewers. The current World Championship has lost just over 4.5%.

The number of hours watched at StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 became smaller by 498 thousand. The indicator of the Germany event was equal to 20 million 329 thousand hours. This is 2.3% less than during the Katowice competition.

What about the teams? At the beginning of the year, Natus Vincere became the most popular participant of the New Legends Stage. But merely half a year later in Berlin, this title went to mousesports. The ranking was based on the average match viewers.

The most popular match of the event from StarLadder was the meeting between G2 and Na’Vi on the first day of the Legends Stage. It was on it that the 626 thousand viewers have gathered. The second on the list was the battle between mouz and Liquid with 569 peak viewers, and completing the top 3 most popular matches was another yellow-black battle – Na’Vi against CR4ZY with its 550 thousand viewers.

In the end, we can say that so far the major from the Ukrainian organizer is inferior to its predecessor. However, the playoffs are still waiting ahead, which can make a big difference. We will monitor the situation and will tell you about the results of the championship in our blog.

Interested in the most up-to-date statistics? Then be sure to go to the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 page and watch the statistics along with the progress of the tournament.

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