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BLAST Pro Series: Waiting for the Final

BLAST Pro Series: Waiting for the Final

The tournament that took place in Copenhagen has almost completed the 2019 BLAST Pro Series esports season. Only the final is waiting ahead, but first we will summarize the interim results of this year and talk about its most popular events.

In total, the organizers held six competitions throughout this season. Spring was marked by a large number of events: during that period the company held a new championship for each month.

BLAST Pro Series Moscow became the most popular stop of the series based on the peak viewers. The Russian event got this result thanks to the guys from Natus Vincere. The audience of this region has always loved CS:GO, and simply couldn't miss the home championship.

It should be added that this tournament was the last one for Daniel “Zeus” Teslenko. Perhaps this final chord in the career of the legendary esportsman was the reason for such levels of interest. This is confirmed by the most popular match of the competition – while the final match between the two CIS teams has gathered fewer viewers than the battle of the “yellow-black” with the Brazilians.

The Los Angeles match has gathered the least peak viewers – for which, not the most interesting list of participants is to blame. The region’s timezone has thoroughly increased the existing negative factors, making it difficult for the viewers from the Europe and the CIS to follow the matches live.

On the other hand, BLAST Pro Series Miami was at the top in terms of the average broadcast viewers. The American tournament has gathered 169 thousand viewers. By the way, this is almost at the same level as the peak of another US event - BLAST Pro Series Miami.

The Madrid event has gathered the least audiences of all, with 95 thousand average viewers at its matches. We should add that this is only 504 viewers less compared to the event in Los Angeles.

There is no clear winner in the popularity ranking among the participants of the series. Both Astralis and MiBR took part in four peak matches of the championship. They have also encountered each other twice in the series. It is worth noting that after all, the peak viewers marks of Brazilians are lower. The only exception is the match in Moscow versus Na’Vi – but in other cases they are inferior to the Danish team.

In the 2019 season, the BLAST Pro Series format found its audience and continued to gain momentum. The organizers found new venues for their series and managed to satisfy almost all of the game's audience: from American to Russian-speaking viewers.

BLAST Pro Series Global Final 2019 will round out this year's history. The final championship will be held in Riffa, the second largest city in the Kingdom of Bahrain. There, the organizers will play a prize fund of 500 thousand dollars among the 4 most powerful teams.

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