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BlizzCon 2017: How it was

BlizzCon 2017: How it was

Blizzard is not just some random corporation. It is the brand with a large gaming community, it is a huge army of talented and experienced developers, they are true revolutionaries in the world of computer games. That's why the annual BlizzCon collects so much attention from the world community. BlizzCon 2017 was no exception.

Blizzard targeted the esports — almost all their games are competitive. Professional players in the disciplines World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and Overwatch take part in numerous tournaments of different levels in different cities of the green planet. And of course, BlizzCon is also hosting tournaments in all these disciplines.

The most popular discipline of BlizzCon was Overwatch, first-person team shooter. The most interesting fact of Overwatch World Cup is that only national teams were allowed to join. Of course, Korea won the tournament without any chance. That is why matches with South Korean players were the most popular. But if we include the Chinese audience, then the first place is for quarterfinal between China and France.

Starcraft 2, the former king of esports, feel unwell nowadays. Compared to the previous year, the game lost a quarter of the western viewers — it is a huge number. Perhaps that's why Blizzard announced that their game will move to the f2p distribution model quite soon to bring new players. Only 2 non Korean players WCS Global Finals 2017 reached the quarterfinals —Korean strategy machine is working as good as always. There is also some positive news — the number of Chinese viewers has significantly increased. It is strange because there were no Chinese players at the tournament. 

Usually Hearthstone World Championship host on BlizzCon, but this year Blizzard decided to hold it as a separate event. However, instead of him they organized an incredibly fun event — Hearthstone Inn-vitational. It was attended by four teams with the most famous Hearthstone players and streamers. The players had to play with pre-created decks with the most unexpected cards.

World of Warcraft continues to be the most popular MMORPG after more than ten years of the release. But how MMORPG can be esports, you ask? It's simple: the game has a special PvP mode — arena, where two teams with three players fight with each other until mutual destruction. This esports discipline was never really popular, but it has a dedicated fan base formed with World of Warcraft players. Events like Arena World Chempionship 2017 will be hosted until World of Warcraft is exhisting as a game. 

Heroes of the Storm has big problems with esports. There were a few western viewers and the most popular broadcast of the tournament was the opening ceremony. With the Chinese viewers the situation is not so bad but it's far from good. HGC 2017 was hosting for the whole year, and it is doubtful that organizers counted on such result at HGC Grand Finals 2017

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