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Call of Duty Mobile: Road to Garena World 2020

Call of Duty Mobile: Road to Garena World 2020

While everyone is discussing new Call of Duty League franchise in the West, CoD Mobile conquers mobile gaming market in Asia.

Call of Duty Mobile was released on October 1, 2019. It's the largest mobile game launch in history, as long as they had over 148 million downloads and $54M in revenue. Also, the game received several awards, for instance: Best Mobile Game by The Game Awards 2019 and Google Play’s Best Game of 2019.

Garena, the famous gaming company, will host first-ever Call of Duty Mobile Garena Invitational on Garena World 2020 in Thailand. It’ll be the biggest tournament of CoD Mobile in history with the prize pool of $65,000.

8 teams will be invited to the tournament from Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines and be selected through regional qualifiers.

Worth pointing out that it isn’t the first CoDM tournament, there were such popular tournaments as WSOE Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Challenge with 12 232 Peak Viewers and Indonesian Major Series Season 2 with 1 610 Viewers’ Peak.

Now there are 2 ongoing tournaments. The first one is ESL Malaysia Championship 2020 Season 1. It is a 4-Day League Stage where 4 teams are fighting for a total prize pool of RM 40,000 and a slot to Garena World. Grand Finals of this championship will be on 21st of March. The second event is CODM: Thailand Championship 2020, which also is one of the stepping stones to the Garena World 2020 and its final is on 8th of March, worth to mention that viewers peak is more than 3700 spectators.  

Future tournaments of CoDM are also qualifiers to Garena: The finals of Philippines Championship on the first of March and Singapore Championship on the 15th of March.

So, basically we’ll know about the participants of Garena World 2020 after the last qualifier in Malaysia on March, 21st. Quick reminder, that Free Fire game set its millionth viewers peak record on Garena World 2019 and it exceeded the YouTube views of such titan of industry as League of Legends. So, we are waiting that with time this new discipline will take over mobile esports not only in Asia, but in Europe and achieve greater heights on the tournament.

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