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CoD Warzone: Esports results in May 2020

CoD Warzone: Esports results in May 2020

It’s been almost 3 months since the launch of Call of Duty: Warzone. We’ve already discussed the launch results of the new discipline on esports scene and on Twitch, but what about now? 

Let’s begin with the recent achievements, 6M players were observing Verdansk on the launch day and now that number has increased to 60M

The game also received some updates, you can now play in teams of 4 people and duos will be added in future, new guns appeared to Gulag and the developers added Classic Battle Royale mode without contracts and a second chance in the game. 

Devs also included some Easter Eggs in the new patch. Now you can find Bunker 11 on the map and if you solve the mystery, you’ll find new unique weapon, but it’s not just about the guns, it’s a direct hint at new content in the game’s lineup, some people assume it’s the announcement of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4. 

Let’s move on to the tournaments. At the end of March, Twitch Rivals dedicated a weekend to Warzone.

90 stars of the gaming industry fought in each region, and  NA region is leading with the peak of 268K viewers and 2,1M Hours Watched. 

Dr Disrespect’s team won on the first day and the second place was taken by ImMarksman’s team.

On the second day former Ghost Gaming streamer Aydan took the first place and the second is for CDL analyst TeePee

VvassagoGotaga and pro PUBG player Recrent were playing in the EU region. North American tournament was watched only by English-speaking spectators, but in EU it’s different, French-speaking spectators concluded the biggest part of the peak - 46K, then German - 38K and only then English - 22K spectators. 

Charity events continued to appear in Call of Duty: Warzone. 

The first in line is the Fight 2 Fund from FaZe Clan, which featured the popular streamers WarsZ, Vikkstar123 and Dirty

Although the 4th week of the Fight 2 Fund gathered 45K peak viewers and 105K Hours Watched, it still didn’t beat the result of Fight 2 Fund #1, which collected 318K Hours Watched and 103K viewers at the peak.

Budlight Seltzer Charity Royale  is worth special attention, last year this organizer arranged such event in Overwatch, and now he switched to Warzone. Many professional athletes such as baseball player Pete Alonso, hockey player Ryan Strome and basketball player Eric Paschall took part in the tournament. The casters were Chris Puckett and Alex Mendez.

As for the first event in Warzone, the results are amazing: 219K Hours Watched and 49K Peak Viewers. 

Code Red Charity Warzone Tournament by BoomTV  leads in our comparison of charity events. Hours Watched concluded 632K and 115K spectators watched the event on the peak. But if you compare the results with previous Code Green Warzone tournament, you’ll see that the statistical numbers are half less. The CoD hype calmed down a little. 

Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant also held its Chipotle Warzone Challenge, with the prize pool of $25,000 and a year’s supply of free burritos, and sent another $25,000 to charity. 

Many popular influencers such as Nadeshot, BrookeAB, TimTheTatman and Mythparticipated in the battle for free burritos. The event gained 770K Hours Watched and 195K spectators on the peak. 

According to the statistics, KeemPark project by KEEMSTAR improves every week. 

Such well-known streamers and players as NICKMERCS, Dr Disrespect, Shroud and Ninja are taking part in Warzone Wednesdays and Vikkstar123 and WarsZ have been winning for 3 weeks in a row. 

Week 8 gathered 270K viewers at the peak and 1,5M Hours Watched, suchresultwas achieved because of the participants’ broadcasts and their huge fan base

Streamer Tom Syndicate held his Syndicate Sundays 2020 tournament, where he gave away $250,000 in total. 

The tournament was divided into 2 regions, US and UK, and the winners (teams of ShivFPS and HusKerrs) were competing in the grand final. The first week of the tournament collected 280K Hours Watched, and the second - 173K

At the end of April NICKMERCS also hosted his MFAM Gauntlet Warzone, where 24 teams took part and the prize pool was $50,000. 

His event can be rightly called one of the most popular among streamers, as the Hours Watched reached the mark of 861K and on 158K viewers watched the broadcast on the peak. 

The last tournament on our list is eRena Warzone powered by eFuse in collaboration with ESPN Esports. Both streamers (NICKMERCS, Swagg, Vikkstar123) and athletes (Trevor May, Kyle Long, Max Holloway) showed their shooting skills. 

As a result, 78K viewers watched the event at its peak, and Hours Watched concluded 295K

Call of Duty League also became interested in Warzone, firstly they introduced official Warzone streams, such as Live From Warzone Warstream, and now they announced the CDL Warzone Weekend, which will be held on May 24 and 12 teams will fight for $10,000.

Call of Duty Warzone has clearly found its audience and got stronger on the pro stage, so we can expect some major events in future. Subscribe to our social networks and follow the esports news. 

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