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Launch esports results of Call of Duty: Warzone

Launch esports results of Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has made a breakthrough into a Battle Royale genre. It is the fastest-growing non-mobile game in the world. The numbers will speak for us.  

There have been 6M of gamers just on the launch day. In comparison, Fortnite collected only 1M on the first day. And for 10 days CoD: Warzone has collected 30M players, Fortnite reached this result only for 11 weeks.

The key elements of this success are:

  • Free-to-play mode of CoD: Warzone and the integration with CoD: Modern Warfare;
  • The popularity of Call of Duty franchise in the USA;
  • Cross-promotion with CoD: Mobile;
  • The impact of COVID-19, which led to rapid online growth;

It's been only 2 weeks since the game launch and the organizations don’t want to miss the opportunity to hype a bit, so today we'll review 5 tournaments of this discipline.

BoomTV along with CashApp swapped their Code Red tournament series to Code Green Warzone tournament. 45 teams competed for $50,000 and CashApp paid out a total of $20,000 to viewers on the broadcast. Each team featured 3 players and famous people like Vikkstar, Aydan and summit1g participated in the event. Crimsix, Clayster & TeePee became the Code Green champions.

Moving on to viewership statistics, the broadcast was held on Twitch, YouTube Live and Mixer, overall peak is 317K viewers. The peak on Mixer was 21K viewers, which is 75% more than on YouTube.

Total Hours Watched number is 1,7M, English Peak - 296K.  Apart from the official stream there were more than 100 broadcasts of different streamers including DrDisrespect, Ninja, Nickmercs and Shroud.

The next tournament is Warzone From Home, which was hosted by 100 Thieves organization. 16 teams with 3 members in each trio explored Verdansk to become the Warzone from Home champions.

100 Thieves made a collab with CashApp also and the prize pool of $100,000 was divided in two parts: 50K for charity and 50K for the viewers in chat.

The trio of JoshOG, Diegosaurs, and HusKers came in first place, overtaking Fortnite pro player Aydan and CoD streamers xAmpz and SuperEvan. The finale was nerve-racking, even though Aydan has made 5 kills, team JoshOG maintained to the lead at 129-111 and secured its victory.

The Twitch viewers peak is 175K spectators and YouTube has collected more than 643K views. This event was streamed on 40 channels and the most popular stream is by DrDisrespect, he attracted more than 44K viewers on the peak thanks to his hilarious casting performance.

Here you can find more about CoD: Warzone Twitch statistics.

FaZe Clan also joined the event run and hosted Fight 2 Fund Warzone Tournament, which will be held for 1 month starting from the mid of March. The main goal of this event is to fight against COVID-19 and collect the money for charity activities. The broadcast was held as always on Twitch and YouTube live.

The viewership statistics is popping. On the first week the overall viewers peak was 103K and YouTube collected 156K views. Over 70 streamers, celebrities, athletes, & musicians have united and managed to collect $45,000 for charity.

Again, non-official streams are on the first positions in terms of popularity. According to our statistics, most popular streamer on the first week of tournaments was again Dr Disrespect, he has collected 51K viewers on the peak, Nickmercs was right behind him.

Moving on to the second week of the Fight 2 Fund Warzone Tournament. The results are a little worse compared to Week 1. The peak was 44K spectators and the most viewed stream was on YouTube live by Vikkstar123. The roaster of this week was a little different, that’s why we can see a decrease in the viewerships statistics.

Last but not the least, Warzone WednesdaysThis event symbolizes the start of KeemPark, a creator and community event space, by American streamer KEEMSTAR.

The tournament started out with 16 teams featuring some content creators like Ninja, Nickmercs and Nadeshot among with artists like Lil Yachty and UglyGod. JoshOG, HusKerrs, and Giegosaurs met Aimbotcalvin, Mendo, and KingRichard in the finale and team JoshOG pulled off the victory.

The overall peak on the broadcast was 277K viewers and KEEMSTAR's stream has the biggest peak of viewers - 74K. Apart from the official stream there were 25 different streams and the broadcast on YouTube has collected 56K viewers at its peak. Number of Hours Watched equals 1M. This isn't a last CoD event held by KEEMSTAR, the follow-up will be on the next week.

Summing up the results, the CoD: Warzone is up-and-coming discipline and it is definitely a rival for the main games of the Battle Royale genre. We’re glad that esports community makes everything to help other people that suffer because of COVID-19.

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