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CoD League: Waiting for the final

CoD League: Waiting for the final

We continue informing you about the achievements of the regular part of the Call of Duty League. This time we will focus on the viewability results of every stop of the regular part of the championship.

The beginning of the year was marked by two big Call of Duty news. First, the game's esports system has moved to a single big franchise league. Secondly, YouTube acquired the exclusive rights to broadcast all the products of Activision Blizzard, including the CoD League.

All of this has effected the interest of the public in the discipline. The first results were on a rather optimistic side – with 102 thousand peak viewers at Launch Weekend and even more at the first stop in London. However, it soon turned out that the decent figures wouldn't last long.

The coronavirus pandemic was a quite problematic situation for many championships. Call of Duty League got its own share of problems, as initially each next week of the event was to be held in special arenas. However, just after the first few stops the organizers were forced to cancel this plan. As a result, the remaining matches were all played online.

Obviously, this affected the views. Starting from the fourth stop, the championship's views have been nearly halved in terms of every indicator there is. The situation has gradually improved over the course of the first season.

The recent CDL 2020 New York became the most popular tournament of the regular part. CDL 2020 Atlantaexcels by the average viewers indicator. CDL 2020 Florida had the fewest peak viewers, while CDL 2020 Dallas had the least average viewers.

The representatives of Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas were definitely standing out among all the participants of the regular part. The guys from the Chicago Huntsmen have consistently been among the best teams. The team has participated in reaching the peak viewers mark of 8 tournaments out of 13 possible. In this regard they were constantly relying on help of Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe.

English was the league's only language, as well as the most popular one. At certain times during the week the championship also had broadcasts in other languages (for example the French one) – however, not one of these came close to the English-language one. Such a state of things became possible due to the original Call of Duty being most popular among the US-based viewers. The 5v5 matches fail to attract the audience of same size in the rest of the world.

Outside of North America the public is more interested in the esports life of the battle royale mode. The format of Call of Duty Warzone attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers on a regular basis. In this news, we have already shown the difference in its indicators as compared to the original game.

Awaiting is the final event of the league: Championship Weekend, where the participants will compete for a prize fund of $4.6 million. The highest spots have been already secured by Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire (due to them occupying the first two spots in the regular part's tournament table.

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