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Clash Royale: Most popular mobile representative of 2018

Clash Royale: Most popular mobile representative of 2018

Mobile esports is constantly gaining momentum. With each year, the audience of this branch of esports is growing in scale. Today we will tell you about Clash Royale, which became one of the most successful representatives of this industry in 2018.

The last season had some great news for the developers. The World Championship for their game had 264 thousand viewers on average, allowing it to reach the 10th spot in the ranking for this figure. As for the peak number of the broadcast viewers, this competition has only managed to reach the 26th spot.

It should be noted that having such results allowed it to leave behind a number of major championships. For example, both Overwatch World Cup 2018 and EPICENTER XL had smaller figures. The former has reached a figure of 183 thousand viewers, whereas the event from the Russian organizer has reached a figure of 179 thousand viewers.

This turned out to be a great result for the mobile esports in 2018. Arena of Valor has also shown good performance in terms of peak figures, but we will tell about it in another article. If you are interested in the mobile esports topic, be sure to check out other articles from our web portal. These are available at the following link.

All of this gives us hope that the anticipated breakthrough of mobile video games into esports is actually coming true. Furthermore, it may come in full force even earlier than expected by many. This is due to the large growth of the audience within this particular industry, as well the increased level of interest coming from the tournament operators around the world.

As for the Clash Royale, the game's 2019 schedule is very interesting. Awaiting the players is the Clash Royale League divided into two splits. As is customary for the world's top leagues, the spring split (the first matches of which have already finished in some places) will take place first, followed by a summer split. Completing the season will be the World Championship. According to the preliminary information, it is scheduled for this year's December.

We will definitely continue to follow the course of events and let you know about the results of this discipline. In order not to miss such news, we recommend subscribing to our social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Vkontakte. Do not miss the Esports Charts official Discord, where you can not only learn the information you are interested in, but also communicate with our team.

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