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The controversial results of RLCS Season 9

The controversial results of RLCS Season 9

RLCS Season 9 has ended on March, 29 and, finally the viewership statistics has improved. The season showed the best results in the history of the series.

In this article we will compare two gaming regions: Europe and North America. Both regions showed impressive results, but we want to find out who did the best.

Finally, Rocket League came out of the stagnation of season 7 and 8 and even beat the results of the 5th.

The total number of hours watched of Season 9 is 3,6M and the this number has increased by 102% compared to last season, because this year RLCS increased the duration of its tournament for the first time and now the season lasts not 5 weeks, but 8 with playoffs.

The same situation is in the peak viewers category. This year the European region managed to collect 256K viewers at its peak. By the way, last year the peak was only 71K. As a percentage, the peak mark increased by 256%.

The viewers saw a fierce fight between Dignitas and Vitality during the European tournament. As a result, these two teams have met each other in the finale. Despite numerous changes in the line-up after season 6, Dignitas impressed everyone with their skill and took the title of regional champions. This time Dignitas rematched for their loss against Renault Vitality at the Rocket League World Championship.

The biggest peak of spectators at the tournament (261K) was on the match between Vitality and FC Barcelona

Undoubtedly, the favorite team of the European region was Vitality, but this rapid growth of viewers is alarming, because the mark of average peak was 90K spectators. Such an unexpected increase of spectators is not the only case this season.

In terms of dynamics compared to previous seasons, the North American region has also shown much better results this year.

Compared to season 8, the average number of viewers on broadcast has increased by 43% and the viewers peak has increased by 67%.

This season, most people predicted the win of G2 Esports and they didn't go wrong. The guys worked very well on their mistakes from season 8 and won their way up to the finals on the last map in the match with NRG Esports, and then easily dealt with Spacestation Gaming and became the Regional Champions of RLCS Season 9. Like Dignitas, G2 also will surely stay in the history of Rocket League thanks to their skills.

Although, their final match wasn't the most popular by the viewership statistics. The most popular match of NA region was between Ghost and SQ and the peak was 173K spectators. This result is very strange due to the fact that from week 3 to week 8 all most-viewed matches were with the participation of G2.

With the help of our chart, we can see the rapid growth of viewers at the Ghost vs. SQ match, and a sharp decline after. Later the viewership dynamics has got its usual look. Apparently, this effect was achieved with the help of advertising activity of the organizers. So, our analytical agency has calculated the peak without advertising - 110 thousand spectators.

RLCS managed to surprise us with its results, but can we consider advertising as an honest way to improve the tournament's statistics? We hope that in future such cases will be less common, because esports statistics should be transparent to each user. 

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