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The battle of minors: Europe

The battle of minors: Europe

By now, CS fans must already know all winners of the regional minors. Therefore, we have decided to compare the main tournaments' popularity for the second-tier teams, sharing the results of this investigation with all of you. Today, we will look into Europe Minor Championship.

For majority of our readers, the fact that competing in regional qualifiers is essential for the fresh players and teams would come at no surprise. However, now that the previous major has shown unusual results, some of the world-famous teams (such as Mousesports) can be found among the minor's participants.

From a purely theoretical perspective, such players would make overwhelmingly strong opponents for the rest of participants. But in practice, the fresh, hot-blooded newcomers have viewed them not as impenetrable walls, but merely as another set of obstacles to overcome.

We have based our comparison on the European qualifiers, such as Boston Major, London Major, and the upcoming IEM in Katowice. The British tournament being the most popular one here would be the first thing for us to note.

In the UK, the viewer interest was attracted through introducing the new system of qualifiers. In particular, FaceIT made a decision to hold both minors and majors in the same city, ensuring that the winner would already have the visa for the country needed. This innovation has managed to attract more interest and visa scandals alike, although we will refrain from discussing this matter for now.

The list of participants was the main factor to influence the Katowice event. It was largely this list that helped the tournament to succeed, allowing it to become a magnet for CS fans' attention. This effect was further facilitated by the recently introduced Play-In for the minors' 3rd place participants. Finally, the long-time participants of the scene would be attracted by the IEM's very name, considering it legendary by itself.

Nothing of the sort has happened in Boston, with it showing the worst overall result. Meanwhile, the rest of the events of this kind went ahead of Boston one, on average, by tens of thousands of viewers. The American organizer clearly had no luck with the major, having it outsourced.

Talking in numbers, FaceIT would be at the top with an average of 82 thousand spectators on their streams. Next to it is the Katowice Minor with 72 thousand spectators, with the third spot being taken by ELEAGUE with 28 thousand spectators.

When comparing the maximum values, the situation does not change; with the British holding the first spot with 146 thousand broadcast viewers, the Poles being in the middle with 124 thousand viewers, and the American organizers holding the last spot out of three with 97 thousand viewers.

We can conclude this by stating that it is FaceIT’s event that's currently at the peak of popularity. At the same time, ESL has proven itself to be a worthy rival, reaching a close enough position – instead of lagging far behind like the guys from ELEAGUE, who have both surprised and disappointed us.

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