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Dota 2: The effect of battle pass

Dota 2: The effect of battle pass

For several years now, the release of the battle pass (dedicated to The International) consistently becomes an event of extreme importance in Dota 2. But how does this affect the game's popularity on Twitch? Let's take a closer look.

In today's article we'll be talking about the early days of Dota 2 Twitch category after the battle pass was introduced to the game. The results from 2018 to 2020 will be taken into account, with the statistics being based on the peak and average viewers indicators, as well as the average channels indicator.

First of all, let's talk about the peak viewers mark. This year's one turned out to be much higher than in the two previous cases. However, this was rather caused by the coronavirus epidemic than the battle pass itself. As it can be understood, it caused an impressive number of people to become quarantined, getting a plenty of free time to spend on the broadcasts.

This is indicated by the average viewers mark as well – which, in 2020, has turned out to be much higher than a year earlier. However, there was quite a large gap between the respective indicators for 2019 and 2018 as well. Before, everyone used to talk about the game's "gradual decline" – but while this conjecture was still valid a year back, today's statistics indicate quite the opposite state of affairs.

In particular, this is confirmed by the average channels indicator. In 2020, many more channels want to engage in Dota 2 broadcasts. This is especially important during the release of the battle pass, which signifies the addition of a large amount of new content to the game.

At the day of the patch, the channels of stray228 and gorgc became the most popular ones, reaching the marks of 34 thousand and 33 thousand viewers, respectively. They have the highest peak viewers indicators among all the streamers since the release of the battle pass. In addition, out of the top 10 streamers with the highest peak viewers indicators for the first day, there were seven Russian-speaking ones.

The winner of the first The International, Danil "Dendi" Ishutin is among them, having taken the fourth spot with his 14 thousand peak viewers. One step away from the top 10 (at eleventh spot) was the two-time world champion Johan “n0tail” Sundstein. He fell short of the 10th spot by merely a few hundred spectators.

Still, we shouldn't forget that, unlike many other games, the release of battle pass in Dota 2 doesn't mean the immediate availability of all the new content. For example, the unique mode that the developers have prepared specially for the compendium will be released a little bit later.

Rather, we are more interested in a different aspect of this situation: how the "patch has caused the players to play more and spectate less" theory is faring? Well, it seems that the state of affairs is quite different. When comparing the week before the patch that have brought the update, and the battle pass post-release day, it can be seen that the Dota 2 Twitch viewability has only increased. The last two days have clearly shown that such a patch would only attract the audience's interest in the broadcasts.

We will continue to share Twitch’s visibility results with you. If you do not want to miss future materials on this topic, be sure to follow our social networks and blog.

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