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Dota Summit 10: The worst of 'em all

Dota Summit 10: The worst of 'em all

The tenth tournament in the Dota Summit series has already reached the finish line. We decided to compare the anniversary championship with its other brethren and find out the behavior of the viewers of the competition one season later.

First, it’s worth telling what Summit from BTS is all about.

For fans of Dota 2, this series has always been interesting because of the special way the events were conducted. Unlike the other competitions that took place in large arenas or in individual studios, Summit brought players to a cozy American house. As a result, the viewers received a ton of interesting content – since all the participants were in a small house during the matches and something interesting has always happened during the broadcasts.

But it seems the event has outlived itself, since the new DPC system no longer provides the competitive tournament for the tournament, which means that there is very little sense in participating in it. In addition to this, the Summit schedule leaves some questions. The competition takes place not too long before The International and many teams are not eager to share their best strategical moves before the main event of the year.

Previously, these factors were not much of an interference with the series' performance – but for the tenth time, the organizers were not that lucky and faced a severe drop in popularity. The peak viewers of the competition amounted merely to 72 thousand. More recently, such an amount of viewers would seem ridiculous, but this is what we've ended up with right now.

As for the average viewers on the broadcast, as you can already understand, it has undergone a strong decrease. This indicator amounted to 35 thousand people. As of today, it is the worst of all the results of BTS tournament series.

In fact, the presence of problems could be already noticed at the seventh tournament. Starting from it, the amount of viewer interest began its rapid decline. The climax of failure was the tenth tournament, which since the sixth season has lost more than half of its audience.

It is worth noting that Dota Summit 7 has still managed to reach the first spot. The championship became the best among the series in terms of peak viewers. In many respects, the CIS duo of Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere is to be thanked for this.

In case you didn't know, the organizers certainly did not stop on Dota alone. They recently held a Rocket League event. Prior to this, CS:GO and Smash Bros. were added to the list of disciplines. In general, the format has been applied on a consistent basis to many popular games, with only Dota 2 facing any kind of big problems.

In conclusion, we can say only one thing: the organizers of the “home” tournament should think about introducing some changes. The series is certainly interesting, but a long time has passed since its inception – and we still have no big changes in sight.

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