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Dota 2 Majors: The battle of four

Dota 2 Majors: The battle of four

The last major of the 2018/19 Dota 2 competitive season awaits us at the end of June. Before such an event we would like to tell you about the achievements of the four previous championships of this series. From today’s article, you’ll be able to learn which one among the four has managed to achieve the highest results based on a number of indicators.

As usual, we remind you that the statistics do not include the Chinese platforms. As these fail to provide reliable information, they can not properly reflect the current situation with the audience.

When judging by the average number of broadcast viewers, MDL Disneyland® Paris Major comes at the top – while The Kuala Lumpur Major gets the last place. At the same time, Kuala Lumpur event tops everyone else when it comes to the peak number of viewers – a figure which is the lowest for the DreamLeague Season 11.

The current trend is that the popularity of this type of competitions tends to grow with the passage of the season. This is facilitated by the competition becoming more hot as the end of the competition season grows near. As the number of the remaining DPC points decreases, it makes the team battles over one of the spots at The International more and more interesting.

We can definitely note that The Kuala Lumpur Major became the most successful tournament for the Russian-speaking audience, averaging at 51 thousand viewers and peaking at 256 thousand viewers. Since the upcoming championship will be held in Moscow (and its minor in Kyiv), we can expect to see even bigger results from the CIS-based fans.

What about the English-speaking part of the audience? It paid most of its attention to spectating MDL Disneyland® Paris Major, the English broadcast of which averaged 73 thousand viewers. As for the peak figure for this stream, it stopped at the mark similar to that of the Russian-speaking players – 231 thousand viewers.

The tournament in Sweden has managed to stand out by being covered in the largest number of languages. The eleventh season of DreamLeague has only lacked the Slovak-language stream. Compared to these two, the rest of events were at least two languages behind.

The major from DreamHack became the longest tournament, airtime-wise – with its broadcasts lasting for a total of 73 hours (and that’s not accounting for repetitive and miscellaneous content). The other end of this spectrum is occupied by The Chongqing Major, its broadcast lasting for 64 hours.

Overall, it can be noted that throughout the year, the Dota 2 audience did not miss any of the majors around the world. Moreover, it seems that its interest only continues to grow. A large number of DPC points and lists of participants that included many famous tags did great in terms of motivating people to spectate the events. At the same time, the minors and events outside of the whole Dota Pro Circuit cycle did not have such success, as evidenced by their results.

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