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DPC: 2018/19 Season

DPC: 2018/19 Season

The 2018/19 season of the Dota Pro Circuit finally came to an end. Within its bounds Dota 2 fans got five majors and five minors. In today's article we will provide a summary of the season, as well as identify its winners statistically.

We will inspect only two indicators - the peak viewers and the average viewers. Hours watched will not be shown in this comparison due to the championships following different formats. Because of these, some of the events had more days dedicated to the game matches, and therefore more airtime.

It should be said in advance that the situation was not changed by the final minor being held in Kyiv. This means that the events have retained their positions after our recent review. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the previous article on this topic, as it has this series' competitions analyzed in more detail.

The recent tournament in Moscow was leading in terms of the average viewers. The result shown by EPICENTER Major for this indicator is simply excellent – 198 thousand viewers. Meanwhile, The Kuala Lumpur Major became the least watched event of the season.

The peak viewers mark is displayed slightly differently. Holding the top spot is now The Kuala Lumpur Major. The gap between the Malaysian championship and the second spot in the ranking is only 3,000 – which is how many viewers EPICENTER Major fell short of when it comes to achieving the uncontested title of the most popular event of this season. As we have previously noted, DreamLeague Season 11 had the least peak viewers.

It is worth emphasizing that the competitions of major type are facing rather big problems. The viewers are not very interested in such competitions, which makes it very difficult for their organizers to find sponsors for their projects. As a result, the demand for such tournaments turned out to be so low that, apart from the major, the guys from StarLadder got 2 such competitions at once.

Not everything will be as smooth as usual from our side as well. Today, our news does not feature the ranking of the most popular teams of this season. We've decided that it would be better to write a separate article about them, as there's much we will have to talk about.

To conclude, it can be said that this season gave us a lot of interesting events. However, in the future we can expect changes in the format of its implementation, since many teams have complained about the schedule being too complicated. It does not allow the world's best participants to have enough time for a good rest before important matches in qualifiers.

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