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DPC: The most popular teams of the 18/19 season

DPC: The most popular teams of the 18/19 season

We've already summed up the last season of DPC. In today's article, we will talk about the 10 most popular participants of this competitive year. Of course, The International still awaits ahead, and so only the tournaments of Major and Minor type were included in the statistics.

We will compare the teams based on two indicators: hours watched and average viewers for all the matches. As usual, the results of Chinese platforms were not included into the calculated data – an outcome shared with the qualifiers for the championships. We felt that these particular results aren't that interesting when it comes to a worldwide comparison.

Interestingly enough, Ninjas in Pyjamas team has the largest airtime. The team played for 10 hours more than the owners of the first spot in the HW ranking - Virtus.pro. This once again proves that the ranking of the hours watched does not always depend on the airtime.

Let's summarize the results in advance. The title of the most popular team of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018\19 season goes to Virtus.pro! The CIS representative got the first spot both in terms of the average viewers and the hours watched.

At the same time, this region has few more achievements to show. The tenth spot of the ranking based on the average broadcast viewers went to the guys from Natus Vincere. “Born to win” outperformed even their colleagues from Gambit, who over the past season managed to get more both ordinary victories and DPC points.

Team Empire became the most unpopular representative of the Russian-speaking community. The average viewers of this team's matches amounted to merely 26 thousand people. In Europe, The Final Tribe has suffered a similar setback. Flying Penguins became the “American Empire”, while the Team Sirius filled the same role in Southeast Asia and China.

But our ranking will not end one CIS alone. North American Dota performance was also extremely disappointing. Only one team from this region has managed to get in the top 10 of both rankings. As for the South America and its teams, we don't even have anything to say.

So far, the top 3 most popular teams look quite coherent. The first spot goes to VP, silver goes to Team Liquid, and bronze again goes to the representative of Europe – Team Secret. In general, EG, Vici Gaming, TNC Predator and PSG.LGD Gaming remain in two tops simultaneously.

Based on the average viewers, the bottom 3 consists of Tigers, OG and Na’Vi. If we compare the hours watched instead, same spots would be taken by Alliance, Fnatic and TNC Predator.

To our surprise, some teams with not-so-good results throughout the season got in the top 10 most popular. This suggests that nowadays we can still observe cult following of teams like Na’Vi, the matches of which are watched by the whole world. Over all these years of performances, the “yellow-black” became etched in public memory this much.

We can't avoid mentioning the fact that South America showed extremely unsatisfying results. Same can be told about North America, which got a large number of tournament spots but ended up with not-so-good results.

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