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DreamHack 2018 year review

DreamHack 2018 year review

We have already made several comparisons and summaries of the outgoing season, but we are certainly not going to stop our work just at that. Today in our material we will look at the results of events from DreamHack.

This company occupies a unique niche. A tournament operator which holds both individual championships and huge esports festivals. Previously, even the CIS, which also got its events, was in the latter's zone of influence. Now the organizer has focused on the western market and does not seem to plan on changing the current situation any time soon.

By the way, recently there was a tournament held in India, called the Mumbai Invitational. From the outside, it looks more like a company probing its way around. Most likely, through such a venture it wanted to collect the necessary information about the Eastern market, though it was done clearly not in the easiest way possible. How DH's eastern expansion will turn out, for now, would be just a guess - but if such a large market player would see any benefit in this, we can say that one should wait for new such ventures in the future.

It is surprising that this tournament operator is not trying to enter the Chinese market. Although it is busy with ImbaTV and Starladder products, all in all, it still allows holding major championships under good conditions. We can separately note the level of interest shown by the local authorities, which are known to routinely get in touch with the major organizers.

We hope that in 2019 the guys will surprise us with new events with improved quality of performance, but for now, we can only sum up the results of the outgoing year.

Perhaps, we shall begin with the most viewed tournament from DreamHack. It would be the DreamHack Masters Marseille, which was held in April 2018. It collected more than 28 million watch views. The peak of all broadcasts came at one million four hundred thousand spectators. This is an absolute record among all the events of the company.

Dreamhack Austin 2018 became the most popular festival. This event brought together a total of 4 million spectator hours. Within its framework, the tournament operator held competitions in 7 disciplines. Most of all, the final results were influenced by the Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG and Starcraft 2 tournaments. The total prize fund was equal to $ 373,000.

The most popular discipline of the year for DreamHack was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In total, this game provided the organizer with the most spectators. Surely it should be noted that there are valid reasons for this. CS was featured on every festival. In addition, only this shooter was able to overcome the mark of a million viewers at the peak of broadcasts.

Do not forget about the DreamLeague for Dota 2, which now has the status of minor. With the support of Valve, the company held two competitions in this league series and played additional DPC points. The last event of the 2018/19 season came off as striking to many, gathering almost a million spectators at their peak.

Should the Chinese viewers be not taken into regard, the situation would not change drastically. Yes, the total numbers would drop, but the leaders of the list will drop with them. Masters Marseille would reach the same level as DreamHack Masters Stockholm, but would still be more popular than other “classic” operator festivals. Note that this result is logical due to a large number of Western disciplines like CS or Rainbow Six Siege and the lack of League of Legends along with other Eastern games.

For DreamHack themselves, the outgoing year passed at the high level of performance, not a single month passes without the company pleasing its audience with a new event. In many ways, this preserved the loyalty of the latter to the organizer, which is why it gave priority to its championships, rather than the usual broadcasts of popular streamers.

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