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E3: Impressions from the exhibition

E3: Impressions from the exhibition

Here at Esports Charts, rather than following the esports alone, we tend to inspect the gaming industry as a whole. Based on this, we decided to tell you about the results of one of the most important exhibitions of the game industry. Today we will talk about Electronic Entertainment Expo.

As already mentioned, E3 acts as a platform that is quite important to many studios and publishes. Usually, most companies delay their main announcements until this particular event. We should remind you that few years ago the new video game consoles from Sony and Microsoft were presented on this very event. This time, the situation has repeated itself with XBOX.

Let's move on to the figures of the individual presentations. The biggest peak figure both on Twitch and Mixer can be attributed to Bethesda's presentation – with the stream getting 269 thousand viewers on the first platform, and only 43 thousand viewers on the second. It seems that even despite the complete failure on part of Fallout 76, fans dared not to risk missing the news about the upcoming “scrolls”, as well as the other projects of the publisher.

XBOX has also distinguished itself, being helped by the official broadcast from Twitch. The presentation of “team green” has received its biggest figure for the entire history of exhibition, equal to 412 thousand spectators. Meanwhile, the official channel of the company has managed to gather a little less than that – 207 thousand viewers.

The second-to-last was EA, and quite expectedly so – as it once again became the object of controversy and criticism. Once again the company showed a result that was far from the best, this time being equal to 101 thousand viewers. Even more surprising is the broadcast on the official Twitch channel, which has only gathered 68 thousand viewers.

Looking at the big picture, it is possible to spot yet another representative of the ranking's bottom – but let us remind you that we do not take PC Gaming Show into account, given that this is merely a show for PC gamers, not a full-fledged performance from a major publisher. Secondly, its low figures are not a surprise to anyone.

Nintendo's results deserve a separate mention. These guys have shown themselves on YouTube in a perfect way, with this service allowing Nintendo Direct to peak at 1 million viewers. The overall peak figure has reached 1 million 446 thousand viewers. It seems that the platform from Google became a focal point for almost every fan there is.

The event was not without competitions. From our standpoint, out of these, the event from Twitch was the most interesting tournament. Rainbow Six Siege Rivals has gathered 61 thousand viewers on average and 86 thousand viewers in the peak – which is a pretty good result for a small show match.

There were some extremely interesting situations, too. For example, within the E3 Coliseum, there was a dialogue between the host, the head of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard and the world-famous Elon Musk. And how could we not mention the famous Keanu Reeves? This event is truly impossible to fit into words, so let's just take another look at it.

It would be interesting to see how the presentation from Sony would rank on this list. But this year, the creators of PlayStation have decided to skip E3 and refrain from bringing there any new products. Instead, you will be able to check the fresh stuff from “team blue” at their own event.

We will conclude by emphasizing the fact that the “family platform” from Nintendo became the clear winner of 2019. The owner of the hybrid video game console has shown great performance, leaving all its competitors behind. The performance of the other representatives of video game market was also decent, but some of them have still managed to upset their fans.

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