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ECS: Results of the Eighth Season

ECS: Results of the Eighth Season

The final of the eighth season of the Esports Championship Series has improved the result of the last championship. However, even though the championship's final got more viewers, the overall difference with the previous competition makes for quite a sad sight.

But before the results of the final, let us summarize the achievements of event's regional stages. The eighth season has kept its situation identical to that of the last event. The European Championship has again proved to be more popular than the event for America. But the difference between them was only 6% (peak viewers) and 9% (average viewers).

It is worth noting that, compared to the seventh season, both competitions have a negative difference in all aspects. The European Championship lost 31% in peak viewers and 47% in average viewers. North America has a 39% decrease in peak viewers, while the average number of the event's viewers has lost 22%.

In Europe, the most popular team in the average match viewer ranking was Astralis with an indicator of 32 thousand viewers. In North America, the Brazilians from Made in Brazil were at the top, as even more viewers – almost 36 thousand – have gathered at their matches.

As we have already mentioned, the final stop of the season has a positive trend in regard to the viewer interest. The tournament has received 7 thousand more peak viewers and almost 2 thousand more average viewers. We draw attention to the fact that the peak viewers figure of the last championship is inferior to the sixth season (which, according to the results, continues to retain the peak mark of the series at large). At the same time, the eighth season finale has the highest average viewers figure so far.

The first map of the final between Astralis and Liquid became the most popular part of the event. As many analysts and opinion leaders noted, the Vertigo battle has shown the full power of American team's training, making for some incredible moments in almost every round. Apparently, the audience has also appreciated the team's efforts – given that the peak viewers mark has already fallen to 175 thousand people on the second and more “classic” map of the match.

When it comes to the ranking of the most popular teams, Astralis will be in the first spot. Her average viewers indicator has reached 97 thousand. The second on the list was yet another finalist of the competition: Team Liquid. Their result is 91 thousand viewers. Closing the top 3 were the representatives of Made in Brazil with a score of 83 thousand people.

Nowadays we can say that the championship needs to undertake some actions. It has significant gaps in the performance of the regular part. In the future, existing problems will certainly cause further negative difference for all parts of the event.

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