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The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in April

The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in April

Worldwide quarantine continues, so as the growth of the interest in esports and streaming on Twitch.

In today’s article we’ll tell you about the effect of Coronavirus on streaming in April and how the statistics has changed compared to March. You can find the March results in our previous article.

We’ve left March results on our charts and added the percent of April’s growth compared to March for better understanding.

 The situation in the world

As many countries continued their quarantine with weakened measures, the growth dynamics in April remained positive, but the percentage is worse than in March. 

Because of the Valorant launch and a lot of events on the pro scene the Hours Watched growth on Week 2 in April concluded 30% compared to the beginning of the month. In the end of April the growth decreased to 17,9% because many countries started easing the lockdowns. 

Air Time has completely different dynamics. On April’s Week 2 the growth concluded 6,3% and then decreased to 2,5%. Then we see a rapid growth of AT up to 14,6% because many important tournaments like ESL One Road to RioBeyond The Summit Pro Series and WePlay! Pushka League took place in the end of April. 

In the same time, the streamers peak appeared in the end of April and concluded +14,4% in comparison with the end of March.

About Top streamers of Mixer and Twitch you can find in our recent articles. 

English language

In the beginning of April the quarantine in USA, Canada and other European countries continued. 

The peak of Hours Watched growth was on the April's Week 2 and concluded 35,8%. The Air Time has grown by 7% and amount of streamers by 11,3%. 

In the end of the month USA cancelled the lockdown in several states, Canada also weakened quarantine restrictions in some provinces, and this directly affected the statistics and caused the decline on our charts.

On the Week 3 the Hours Watched and Streamers growth decreased by 2%, also there was no growth in Air Time category. On the Week 4 we see a rapid increase of AT because of various esports events.

Valorant attracted the biggest part of the viewers. 692K English-speaking viewers were watching Twitch Rivals VALORANT and 100 Thieves Invitational VALORANT collected 493K spectators at its peak. Read more about Valorant esports in our previous article

Russian language

The percent of Russian-speaking viewers has increased a lot related to March. On the Week 2 the Hours Watched growth reached its peak and concluded 31% compared to the beginning of the month. This happened because of quarantine implementation in Russia. Although, the growth decreased to 18,5% in the end of April.

 We’ve seen in March similar growth pattern when Ukraine started its lockdown.

The Air Time hasn’t got better for 3 weeks, then we’ve noted a rapid improvement of AT (+11,7%) with the growth of streamers by 15,2% because of the new tournaments.

Regarding the situation in other CIS countries, Ukraine continues the quarantine and Belarus didn’t even implement it.

We may expect some slight decrease of statistics in the next month, because Ukraine will weaken the quarantine measures on 11th of May.

Polish language

Last month, Spain was the leader in all categories by growth, but in April Poland takes the lead. 

The Hours Watched growth concluded 110,2% on the April’s Week 2. This is caused both by strict quarantine measures and the organization of Polish esports events like Ultraliga Season 4 Promotion from Polish organizer Polsat.

The audience was also attracted by the start of EU Masters and the launch of Valorant, as many Polish streamers wanted to try a new game from Riot Games.

In the end of the month, Hours Watched has decreased by more than half and the final point compared to March was +39,3%.

The Air Time dynamics isn’t so impressive. The peak growth was in the end of April and concluded 18,8%. Streamers peak was on Week 2 and got to the mark of +24,2%, but in the end of the month it decreased by 4%.

LEC Spring 2020 became the most popular tournament for Polish-speaking viewers with a peak of 52K spectators. On the second place was Twitch Rivals VALORANT with a peak of 46K Polish-speaking spectators.

Izakooo became the most popular Polish streamer and in April he gathered 4,4M Hours Watched and 43K viewers at the peak.

French and German languages

Let’s compare the countries with different quarantine conditions. Germany has started the exit from the quarantine, so small grocery stores and car dealerships started working in the end of April. Did this affect the dynamics of streaming? Definitely.

The peak of Hours Watched growth occurred on the second week of April and concluded only 21,8%. At the end of April it decreased to 8,1% while HW growth concluded 47,8% on the last week of March. 

Air Time and Streamers have the same situation. Air Time increased only by 7% and the Streamers by 8% in April, though in March the growth peaks were 32,2% and 27,1%.

The most popular German streamers were therealknossi and MONTANABLACK88 with 90K and 71K spectators at the peak. LEC Spring 2020 became the most popular event and collected 38K viewers on the peak.

In France, quarantine conditions have never been weakened, so people continue to stay at home.

The peak of Hours Watched also occurred on the second week and it was much bigger than in Germany (40,7%). Although France experienced a decline to 19,1% at the end of the month. 

On the contrary, Air Time and Streamers categories have improved by 16% in the end of the month. 

In France, besides Twitch Rivals VALORANT, which attracted 117K viewers at the peak, French footballer Antoine Griezmann has held a charity stream called Grizi24H VALORANT Showmatch. This showmatch collected 86K at its peak. Also, Gotaga became the most popular French streamer with 83K spectators at the peak.

Spanish and Italian languages

In Italy quarantine still continues and statistics may get worse only at the end of May due to the new quarantine conditions.

Although the growth of HW decreased from 75% in March to 32,8% in April, this is still a very good result, including the fact that Italians weren’t interested in esports before the quarantine. 

Other categories also experience positive growth dynamics. Air Time has increased by 31,4% compared to the first week, and streamers increased by 33,7%.

Pow3rtv became the most popular Italian streamer. He scored 2,5M Hours Watched in April and 25K viewers at the peak. 

As for Spain, there quarantine also continues, therefore the growth dynamics is mostly positive and even better than Italian.

Spain has distinguished itself, the peak of Hours Watched occurred at the April’s Week 3 and concluded 35,1%, but in the end on the month it has decreased by 5%.

At the end of April we’ve noted a rapid growth of Air Time up to 32,1%. Spanish-speaking streamers are also keeping up, so their overall growth is 32,3%.

No we're preparing the report about the effect of Coronavirus on streaming in Asia, so stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to our social pages and share your thoughts on our Discord server.

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