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The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in March

The effect of Coronavirus on streaming in March

Because of the quarantine, we're sitting at home. So what can we do? One of the answers is to watch Twitch.

In today's article we'll see how coronavirus has affected streaming in terms of language categories. We have already analyzed the impact of COVID-19 in February, so check it out. 

The situation we see on each chart depends directly on the situation in the country and quarantine conditions. We've compared the first week of March with others by Hours Watched, Air Time and the number of streamers on Twitch to see the improvement of statistics.

The situation in the world

In February, the growth rate of HW was not so impressive compared to what we see in March. On the second week we see a 5,3% growth and on the third week amount of HW has increased on 20,6% again, because many countries announced the quarantine and closed the educational institutions. As a result, by the end of March, the total number of Hours Watched reached 307M. A total growth of this category is 37%.

The same situation with Air Time, in the end of March the increase was 26,1% = 3,2M hours.

As for the number of streamers, the peak was also on the 3rd "quarantine" week and concluded 30,6% compared to the 1st week. During this period we saw an appearance of such charity tournaments as Warzone From Home, #NotTheAusGP and Code Green Warzone tournament. Most part of famous streamers participated in the tournaments and streamed them on their channels.

By the end of March there was a slight decline of 1,3%, but the numbers are still impressive, the average number of streamers - 577K.

English language

Moving on to the language categories. By the English language we mean the USA, Canada and other European countries. In the USA and Canada quarantine was announced in the same time with Europe - at the beginning of the 3rd week. So, the statistics has improved extremely in this period.

The increase of Hours Watched on the 3rd week concluded 24,7%. The Air Time has increased on 25,6% and the amount of streamers - on 33,4% thanks to quarantine and different esports events.

On the Week 4 the growth was slowed down. As a result, the HW reached the mark of 154M and the Air Time has increased on 28,8% compared to the beginning of the month.

Russian language

Regarding Russian language, there is the lowest growth among all categories. The reason is that quarantine in Moscow was announced only in the end of month, after the "non-working" week. Now in Russia quarantine conditions differ from region to region, that's why there is no such impressive increase of Russian viewers.

The quarantine in Ukraine was annonced on the 3rd week with strong limits: In Kyiv public transport is closed and the movement of citizens is limited. Belarus hasn't annouced the quarantine in the country yet.

All these circumstances have caused such low results compared to other countries. On the 3rd week we can see a sudden growth of viewers because of the limitations in the CIS region. Hours Watched mark has increased on 23,4% compared to 1st week and on the Week 4 HW mark concluded 220M.

However, the streamers weren't affected as much as the other categories. Air Time has increased only on 10,1% on the Week 4. The biggest amount of streamers was on the Week 3, but the decline has already been on the next week. So, the growth of streamers concluded only 10,2%.

Italian language

This category has the biggest growth after the first week of the quarantine, but the statistical improvement began in February.

In Italy the quarantine is very strict compared to other countries in the world. For example, in Rome you can't go further than 300 meters from your home and before each exit you must complete a form with all the info about your route.

Taking into account the Italian interest in sports, their competitive spirit and the fact that traditional sports went online, people began to watch streams more often. In the end of the month the growth of Hours Watched concluded 75%. That's why the tournaments also added official Italian broadcasts during the 4th week.

As for streaming, the peak of streamers' growth was on the 2nd week and concluded 34,5%. Air Time has also risen - 34,6% compared to the 1st week of March. The most popular Italian streamer in March is zanoxvii, he collects 7K viewers on average on his streams. Pow3rtv and homyatol are on the second and the third places accordingly, 3K viewers watch their broadcasts on average.

French language 

France has the highest growth of viewership statistics, because the government has strictly limited the citizens and has forbidden the exit from the house without the special documents.

This explains the fact that on the 2nd week of March (before the prohibition) the increase of HW concluded only 0,5%, the Air Time has increased only on 1,9%. On the 3rd week (after the prohibition) we saw a rapid growth, HW mark has increased on 42,3% compared to the 1st week of Match.

Also on the Week 3 the amount of streamers has increased on 39,5%. The peak of HW was in the end of March and concluded 190M. As in Italy, we saw an appearance of official French streams.

The French organization SolaryFortnite became the most viewed channel on Twitch, the viewers peak on their streams was 33K spectators. Their main channel is on the second place by popularity. The 3rd place is held by Gotaga, who collected 31K viewers on the peak.

Spanish language

Spain is the second most affected country in Europe by the COVID-19 pandemic. It even surpassed Italy in the number of infected, so the authorities declared an emergency state on the 3rd week of March and announced a strict quarantine.

The growth dynamics is the same as in France due to the situation in these countries, but in Spain the growth on the 3rd week in all categories was record-breaking. On the second week the increase of HW was 8,6%, but on the third week it was 60,1%. By the end of the month, the total number of Hours Watched was 182 million hours.

The most popular event for Spanish speakers was La Liga Santander Challenge in FIFA by the Spanish football league. The viewers peak on the tournament was 176K. The most popular streamer was ibai, his stream was watched by 170K spectators. Rubius is on the second place in this region, he collected 66 thousand viewers at the peak.

On the week 4 the hype was reduced and the growth of Hours Watched concluded only 5,9% compared to the week 3. The amount of streamers has reduced on 6%.

German language

In Germany the growth of viewership statistics is quite average, because the quarantine in this country is not so strict as in other countries and the citizens self-isolated by themselves. That's why the growth of HW on the second week of March concluded only 7,4%, but on the 3rd week the growth concluded 38,5% in the same category.

In April-May the viewership statistics is expected to decline, as Germany will gradually come out of quarantine and viewers will return to their normal lives. But all public events are canceled until fall. One of them - Gamescom 2020, which was to be held in Cologne.

Portuguese language

In the Portuguese-speaking countries (Portugal, Brazil and others) the quarantine was also announced on the 3rd week of March, so on the second week we see an increase of HW only on 2,1%, and airtime even decreased on 0,1%. As a result, HW increased on 53,8%, Air Time 39,1% and the number of streamers increased by 41,4% at the end of Week 4. 

This month there were many tournaments with Portuguese streams. One of them is CBLoL Summer 2020 with a peak of 205K. We should note a charity tournament CBOLÃO BENEFICENTE from BAIANALISTA, which took place at the end of March and gathered 116K spectators at the peak.

Portugal announced the quarantine extension, so the number of spectators will gradually increase.

Polish language

Poland does not differ much from the countries mentioned above. The Polish government has also announced the quarantine and closed educational institutions on the 3rd week of the first month of spring. But the statistics peaked in the last days of March, when authorities announced the quarantine extension. Hours Watched increased on 44,8% compared to the first week, while the amount of streamers increased by 36,9%.

We also expect a decline in viewing hours in April-May as Poland announced a gradual exit from quarantine and a return to the regular life.

We continue monitoring the situation and we will keep you informed on any new information. Don't forget to subscribe to our social pages and share your thoughts on our Discord server.

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