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ESL Pro League: An anniversary below expectations

ESL Pro League: An anniversary below expectations

The final of the anniversary, 10th season of the ESL Pro League took place in early December. The championship has enhanced its achievements, and we will talk about them in the results of the recent final.

The organizers did not change their traditions for the tenth season of EPL, and the format of the event remained the same – with qualifiers for the four different regions and a season finale. We have already talked about the results of regional championships; you can familiarize yourself with the article on our blog.

However, the stability of the event's format has almost worked in a way beneficial for the organizers. The average viewers indicator of ESL Pro League finals has grown by 19%. On the other hand, the peak viewers of the event has decreased by 12%. Obviously, if the event had a finale such as Na’Vi against Astralis, we would receive a new record for the series – or at least a positive result as compared to the previous season.

The league has displayed the constant growth of the average viewers. However, the peak viewers indicator began to experience problems in the sixth season of the championship, becoming equal to 177 thousand viewers (as compared to 180 thousand viewers from a season earlier). The league has started to get into shape only by the eighth competition, which seems to be the end of it already.

Such a negative difference in peak broadcast viewers was due to several reasons. Among them, we have the failure of Natus Vincere, who represented the CIS. Their duel with Fnatic in the semifinals had almost 2 times more Russian-speaking viewers than in the final match of the tournament. The difference between these matches is that of 54 thousand viewers. The figure of such caliber was exactly what the competition fell short of when failing to reach its peak viewers goal.

At the same time, Astralis had a failure of its own. The tenth season of the league took place in the team's home arena. Many viewers would be interested in the battle for the champion title between the Scandinavians from Fnatic and the “red star.”

The absence of Team Liquid in the final is yet another “amusing aspect” of the event. The previous three EPL seasons received better peak viewers performance not in the least due to the participation of this team.

Speaking about the teams, it is worth noting the most popular participants in the anniversary ESL Pro League. At the top of the average viewers ranking were Natus Vincere with an indicator of 146 thousand people. Next came Fnatic and their 145 thousand, and closing the top 3 were Astralis with a result of 144 thousand viewers.

In conclusion, we can mention the championship's audience growth. Yes, the peak viewers indicator has decreased by 12% compared to the previous achievements. However, the 19% worth increase of the average viewers indicator is more appreciated by the organizers – since rather than concentrating on some standalone moments, this indicator is quite telling about the tournament as a whole.

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