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ESC Growth: Discord and new Asian platforms

ESC Growth: Discord and new Asian platforms

Esports Charts grows rapidly, our graphics become more accurate, our statistics become larger and better. That is why we decided to write regular blogs about our new features to make you understand how fast esports growth and how big it is.

We wrote recently that our team expands actively the list of new streaming and TV platforms which we analyze for our statistics. We have already added a few more services since the last blog:

- TV.naver.com - Korean online TV;
- kingkong.com.tw - Taiwan streaming service;
- egame.qq.com - Chinese streaming service.

As you already know we started to gather viewership statistics directly from DotaTV. That is why we can say officially that we will take into account absolutely all platforms which will broadcast The International 2018. It makes our statistics the most truthful in the world.

We made a poll among our subscribers recently to choose a new social network for our service. Discord took the first place, Telegram was the second. Our Discord channel is an absolutely unique platform for cooperation — you can ask any questions us there and receive an answer quite fast. We also post there unique statistics which you can’t see anywhere else. And what is more important — you can inform us about any esports event so we can analyze it. Are you a tournament host? Tell us about your event!

That is why if you are interested in Esports future you just have to join our Discord channel.

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