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ESC Growth #3: /submit and calendar

ESC Growth #3: /submit and calendar

Esports Charts is one of the world's largest statistical service about esports and streaming industry. Our activity is based on transparency and openness of information which anyone can see at any time. Our goal is to make esports honest so that tournament organizers do not speculate with non-existent viewers and statistics, and to make sure that sponsors have independent sources for statistics of the performance of various tournaments and events.

Esports Charts tries not to miss all major tournaments in popular and not only games. In the same time, we can’t know everything — there are thousands of organizers and tournaments who or which we don’t know. Thus, we need the help of esports enthusiasts.

We made the test launch of the new section recently — escharts.com/submit, where tournament organizers and community representatives can inform us about future tournaments and events. If you tell us about it, we can add the tournament to our database and start to analyze all the available information. Thus, we will be able to collect all the possible statistics about the tournament and provide you with specific numbers and schedules.

Important: the community will receive more information and statistics from us if its representatives sent us information about the event or the tournament. It will be our gratitude for your activity.

We are planning to launch an esports calendar which will be based on all past and future events. It will be the most honest and full calendar in the world as it will include all the tournaments of all levels in all disciplines in all countries in the world. This calendar will be useful for everyone. Viewers will be able to look for something that they would like to watch, organizers will be able to schedule their tournaments more accurate and sponsors will be able to understand the workload, trends and the popularity of the whole esports industry.

Once esports — forever esports. Esports Charts is getting bigger, better and more valuable every day. It would not have happened without the help of the esports community: we are grateful for your support and we promise that the future of our service will be even more interesting.

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