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Esports Charts Growth #9: Meet the Twitch extension

Esports Charts Growth #9: Meet the Twitch extension

Today we want to share with you our latest updates. We've reworked the website’s menu, added new filtering options, and finally completed our own extension for Twitch.

With our newest extension, everyone can add to their channel a special block with their favorite team. It will demonstrate the upcoming matches of the organization and its streamers. Today the following teams are available for selection: Fnatic, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, Natus Vincere, G2 Esports, Cloud9 and Method.

At the same time, the website menu has also received an update. As you may have noticed, now it offers much more information before even before opening the special pages. This should allow all the users to use our website in a more comfortable way.

Also now we have the additional filtering of tournaments (by “/tournaments” and “/teams”). The capabilities of the tournament page were enriched with the addition of a more convenient list of disciplines. The section with the current and future competitions has also changed. Along with this, filters for previous, live and planned events have been also updated.

We have also changed the standard tournament page. By default, the user opens the current and past competitions – but we have additionally made a page with LIVE events. We remind you that the sorting functions are available only to the registered users.

We will continue to improve our platform and, of course, expect feedback from you (our users) on your experience in using it. You can share this feedback to [email protected].

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