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The results of ESL One Los Angeles 2020

The results of ESL One Los Angeles 2020

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 has overcome the most post popular Major events in the Dota 2 discipline by viewership statistics.

In today’s article we’ll speak about the results of this event, compare the statistics with other DPC-events and and highlight the main records of this unusual online Major.

The tournament was to be held in the mid of March in LA, but because of COVID-19 pandemic it was postponed and later transferred to online format. So, the event was divided into 5 regions, 34 teams participated, and it was held from March 28 to April 19. The total prize pool was $375,000.

Among all the regions, Europe & CIS distinguished themselves. ESL One Los Angeles 2020 Europe & CIS took place after the end of playoffs of other regions. This is not the only one difference. 16 teams took part in the EU & CIS event, while in other regions only 4 teams were competing with each other. That’s why the EU & CIS has the longest Air Time (189h) and it became the most popular region of the tournament.

ESL One has surpassed almost all popular Dota 2 events by viewership statistics -  506K viewers on the peak. This makes it more popular than the DPC-events of this season. But, it hasn’t overcome The Kuala Lumpur Major and EPICENTER Major 2019 with 526K and 524K viewers on the peak accordingly.

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 also leads by Hours Watched with the mark of 23M hours. This is not a surprise, because the Air Time of this event equals 311 hours, while EPICENTER Major 2019 was streamed only 93h.

Let’s dive into the details of EU & CIS region. The official broadcast was on Twitch and 361K viewers watched the stream on the peak of this platform. Also, the amount of HW of Europe & CIS concludes 62,2% of overall HW mark of this tournament. The overall peak and the record accordingly was on the finale between OG and Virtus.pro - 506,288 spectators.

As for the languages, Russian-speaking people composed the biggest part of the average viewers (45K), followed by English-speaking spectators - 39K.

As for the most popular matches, all eyes were on VP and OG. OG played without MidOne and Tompson, because they couldn’t come back to Europe because of Coronavirus and were substituted by Ceb and 33. Nevertheless, they’ve shown great teamwork.  

Vikin.gg and Chicken Fighters impressed almost all the spectators. Even though these 2 teams were on the last positions by viewership statistics during the group stage, together they have beat the favorites of the audience: Team Secret, Nigma and Alliance, even though these 2 teams were on the last positions by viewership statistics during the group stage.

The final BO5 battle between Virtus.pro and OG definitely was worth it. VP reached to playoffs with no losses and obtained their first golden medal of the year and $60,000. Finally, the changes of their roster showed pleasant results. They’ve climbed on 6 positions up and became the 5th most powerful team according to ESL. Also, No[o]ne from VP showed his best and became the MVP of the season and eventually became the participant of the Mercedes-Benz giveaway.

Even though we’re sitting at home, at least we can watch such cool tournaments online. If you want to know about the effect of Coronavirus on streaming - read our recent article.

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