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Esports future of Valorant

Esports future of Valorant

The esports world constantly changes. The most popular disciplines are on the market for years, so it’s hard for newbies to compete with them. Today we’ll try to predict which esports future new Valorant game will have.

But before we start our review, make yourself sure that you’ve read about the results of the Valorant’s first week on Twitch.

The game is in hands of an experienced company, which developed the most popular esports discipline - League of Legends. This isn’t an ungrounded statement, 2019 World Championship was watched by 4M people, excluding Chinese platforms.

Riot showed their experience and the development plan in the recent article about the requirements to the third-party organizers. The developer divided the events by classes with its own features and conditions. This definitely will boost the game’s promotion.

The new discipline attracted not only streamers, but organizers too.

Team Liquid reacted immediately and hosted Team Liquid Grudge Match and even created Valorant Academy in European and North American regions to form new gaming community.

T1 also held their T1 Invitational, which collected 25K viewers on the peak. Pittsburgh Knights also conducted Pittsburgh Knights Charity Invitational. They’ve sent a half of the prize pool to the charity funds.

There were also such events as Xeon Gaming COVID-19 Relief Weekend, #99Valorant Cup #1 and Samsung Valorant Cup, pretty big sponsor for the closed beta test.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, some organizers decided to play big, that’s why they’ve organized tournaments with famous participants and imposing prize pool.

BoomTV along with CashApp decided to replicate their Code Green Warzone tournament success and hosted Valorant Code Green Invitational with $20,000 prize pool. They sent this money to the funds against Coronavirus and the tournament was in the second place by the viewership statistics. 

From all the tournaments, 100 Thieves Invitational VALORANT distinguishes the most. 443K viewers watched the event on its peak. The reason for it was the interesting list of the participants. It included such top streamers as Shroud, timthetatman, DrDisrespect, Ninja, Summit1g and professional gamers from Team Liquid, T1, 100Thieves. 

The ESPN Esports Invitational was also noted for the cast, in addition to professional players, a development team also took part in it.

Overall, we can compare the promotional method of Valorant esports with Fortnite. Fortnite also invited famous streamers on their events to attract the audience. For example, popular streamer Keemstar hosted #FridayFortnite along with other streamers. Battle Royale organizers made a tricky move and devoted Ninja Vegas 18 to the Twitch streamer Ninja. During this event, everyone had an opportunity to compete with this famous streamer.

Now Valorant goes the same way of attracting influencers. Recently announced events are G2 Esports European Brawl and Absolute Pro League with the famous participants: MVP IEM Katowice 2020 S1mple in the team called Worst Players and  Ange1 in the team Reserv. Ninjas in Pyjamas will also join them. The league will be held in the April-May.

The potential of Valorant was noted not only by the organizers, who announce the events on 3 months ahead, but also by pro players. Hunter “SicK” Mims and Braxton “swag” Pierce announced about their CS:GO retirement and switch to Valorant. 

Such organizations as NiP, T1 and Cloud9 have already announced their Valorant rosters. 

Will Valorant stay on the esports pro scene? Rather yes than no. After all, with such a profound approach by Riot Games and the involvement of the audience, it’s difficult to go unnoticed, even though Valorant is only in the closed beta stage.

Note that this is not the only one expectable project by Riot Games this year. The release of the LoL: Wild Rift is supposed to be this year and new card game Legends of Runeterra is in the open beta testing. The new auto battler TeamFight Tactics even got its own World Championship with $200,000 prize pool, so Riot Games clearly aiming to take a leading position in all esports genres.

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