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The most anticipated tournaments of October

The most anticipated tournaments of October

Today we decided to share with you a list of October events that you should definitely follow. Among them are only the high-class tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship. A full list of upcoming events can be found on our special page with future tournaments.

Overall, the second month of autumn, despite its weather, promises to be incredibly hot. On October 2, the play-in stage of Worlds will begin. Among the participants in the group part of the stage, you can find both the big names and some of the not-too-popular tags.

We expect new records from the championship, since the League of Legends season has been constantly improving its results, and the World Championship should have become the epic finale of all this. This is especially expected after a phenomenal outcome shown by the Mid-Season Invitational and the recent record set by LEC Summer Split.

Starcraft 2 has stood out with yet another World Championship. The old-timer of the e-sports industry has the final tournament of the World Championship Series scheduled for it. As part of the 2019 WCS Global Finals, the fans of the discipline will get the chance to find out just who will be the new holder of the strongest player title.

It is worth noting that, unlike the previous discipline, SC2 is not going through the very best part of its life. Since the beginning of the year, WCS has been only losing its audience, so will the upcoming finals become a point of its triumphant return? We believe that yes: the minor competitions of the series, despite having their own interesting features, will never give off the same excitement that the World Championship provides us with.

For Blizzard fans, the celebration will not end at the WCS Global Finals alone. The company will also hold one of the stops of the Masters Tour 2019. This time it will be hosted by the capital of Romania, Bucharest. The prize fund of the competition will be as much as $500,000, which is a lot for a single discipline.

The Rocket League seems to boast a new beginning. In October, the discipline reopens the doors of RLCS. For the eighth time already, the main league of the game will provide the fans of incendiary soccer with some interesting fights. However, RL also has some problem areas. The last season of the Championship Series was the worst for the entire series, and the newcomer will have to try hard to fix this mistake.

Another major league that begins in mid-autumn will be the ESL Pro League. The anniversary season of the competition will last until mid-November. After that, the best participants from North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania will be gathered at the final stage in the city of Odense.

But for fans of CS:GO the month will not end with EPL alone. On the first of October, DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 will begin. The best teams will gather again in Malmö and compete for a prize of $250,000. The city will feel the heat for more than two weeks, even despite Sweden’s famous cold.

If you are a fan of another game of Valve, Dota 2, no reason to be upset – for there are a couple of interesting events for you as well. First of all, entering the world of competitive Dota will be the 12th season of DreamLeague. This time the competition will not receive DPC points, which will not really make it worse.

ESL One Hamburg would be October's second and last Dota 2 event. At the German tournament, it will be extremely interesting to watch the debut of the monsters of the last DPC season - Virtus.pro. Together with them, the updated Vici Gaming (who have found a replacement for the departed Fade) will also come to the competition.

Like mobile gaming? In that case you'll also get a place at this esports table. In the second half of the month, the SWC2019 World Finals will be held. The organizers will play $210,000 among the best Summoners War players.

This, of course, is not the entire list of October events. As we have already mentioned, you can always find it on a special page of our site. If you are interested in not only the tournament itself, but also in its statistics, then be sure to write to our email, and we will help you.

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