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EU vs NA: Who was more popular in the Worlds' groups?

EU vs NA: Who was more popular in the Worlds' groups?

The conflicts between the fans of North America and Europe have already entered the annals of the League of Legends world. Instead of standing aside, we decided to escalate the argument further by providing an analysis of audience-related successes of the respective regional teams in the group stage of Worlds 2019.

First, it's worth talking about the indicators that were taken into account. We will only consider matches involving representatives of LCS and LEC. In addition, the results of the broadcasts of Asian countries were excluded from the data. This will bring more equality to the comparison, especially because of teams such as SKT or RNG.

Among the English-speaking viewers, the guys from Fnatic were on the top. This team took part in 4 of the 5 most popular group stage battles. In addition, the peak match of the broadcast (which gathered 717 thousand people), was also connected to them.

If we compare the results of the Portuguese broadcast, the situation will change dramatically. For this audience, the peak was obtained during the battle between Liquid and DWG, amounting to 107 thousand people. At the same time, such tags as G2 and Griffin have entered the top 5 matches, and the presence of Fnatic was reduced to two maps.

The Spanish broadcast slightly repeats the English-language results. Once again, in the top 5 most popular fights there are four Fnatic matches and a peak match with their participation – amounting to 139 thousand viewers. However, unlike the English-speaking fans, the guys from G2 and Griffin have also managed to enter the ranking. At this point, the amount of interest they’ve managed to gather somewhat repeats the situation with the Portuguese broadcast.

French broadcast also displayed the preferred to “orange” matches. The peak of the channel in the group stage has reached 84 thousand viewers, and was obtained during the battle between FNC and T1. But these viewers did not forget about the other representatives of Europe - G2.

What's more interesting is the quite small involvement of Western fans in the matches of Splyce. Still, the “snake”, despite all the distrust of the audience, was able to take second spot in its complex group.

In addition, the results of the MSI 2019 champions also leave some questions. The guys from G2 are much inferior to their colleagues – FNC. This once again shows just how much the team's history influences the audience’s preferences.

In general, there is the following situation: among the Western teams, Fnatic has become most popular. This is clearly seen in numerous broadcasts. Following it are the representatives of North America (represented by CG and Liquid). The fourth spot can be given to G2, and C9 has managed to close the top 5.

It is worth noting that the “orange” and SKT are part of the reason why Clutch Gaming has gained its popularity. As for the Team Liquid, it has met with the current owners of the Summoner Cup in its group and had every chance to deprive them of the opportunity to defend the title.

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